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Stainless Steel Bird Cages – Particulars to Bear in mind Before Purchasing

Number of people may imagine that stainless steel bird cages are proper just for a situation when there’s violent use, just like a breeding facility, a dog outlet or a medical place for animals. Some others might expect that a pet cage created from this material might merely be proper for a contemporary adjustment. It’d appear far from situation, in fact, in home built in the Victorian or country style.

Whereas those thoughts are quite real, there are various extra causes why you should consider paying for stainless steel bird cages for the pets.

One constructed of stainless-steel is heavier as compared to the typical bird coop. Additionally, the making is strong. In consequence, it’s substantial and lifetime. Its load and stability connote that the cage alone is not going to be simply worn out. The cage is not going to wear out easily and will live longer than many bird cages crafted from other material.

The stainless-steel used in the bird cage is medical grade. This means this will not hold chrome. Chrome can participate to oxidation. Thus not only will be the cage effortless to maintain fresh, it is oxidation proof, once more, an element that means this type of coop may live longer than some other.

It’s accurate that price is considerably higher than buying a coop built from aluminum as an example. Consider that the iron coop carries a usable lifetime of only six times lesser than those of the steel alternative. This implies that steel coop is a far more low priced selection, exclusively in case you are keeping number of birds in the one cage.

If heavy duty use, cleanliness and long term saving are factors in selecting a bird cage, then stainless-steel is an option that can’t be overlooked.

An Understanding Of Various Types Of Parrots

When it comes to pets, dogs form the perfect choice for one and all. However, in case you’re not very fond of dogs, you have the choice of having parrots as pets. Parrots are vibrant, chirpy, simple to keep and most importantly interesting to be with. In case you want parrots as pet, there are various varieties available. All you have to do is always to take your pick from several kinds of parrots and you will definitely have a playful companion for life.

First and foremost parrot species favored by many is the Amazon parrot. In contrast to other parrot species that are small in size, this one comes in medium and large dimensions. This green colored parrot species has a dash of yellow and red color on its tail, wings and occasionally on its head too. This chirpy, talkative, parrot is well known for having a loud and shrill voice. If you are searching for a quiet parrot as pet, don’t bring home this species.

An additional preferred parrot type are the Macaws. This is the largest variety of parrots. Macaws are chirpy and mischievous. They’re sure to keep you entertained all the time, helping you stay happy and stress free. Devote some time teaching them how to speak and they’re bound to get all chatty. The only downside to this parrot species is that they have a strong beak and could harm many items in the house.

Parakeets are yet another preferred parrot kind. The color of these parrots is comparable to that of a leaf. These are the quietest of all the parrot species. So, if you don’t like a lot of of noise at home, then parakeets are a brilliant option. While this parrot variety is the quietest of the lot, they ought to not be mistaken as dull and boring. Rather, they are very lively and social. They engage well and make for a brilliant companion.

If looks is the prime criteria for you in selection of parrots as pet, Conures are certainly the ideal pick for you. Conures are native of South Africa and are regarded to be very active and joyous species. This parrot species is known for its beauty and vibrancy. This bird is available in different color combinations comprising of bright orange and glittering yellow. With such atypical vibrant appearance, this one is definitely the most visually enticing and alluring of all parrot species.

Loverbirds are still another parrot type that’s native to Africa. This parrot species is kept as pairs. Unlike other varieties of parrots, this one doesn’t gel well with humans. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t gel well with other parrot species either. They also make sounds at high pitches which can be pretty irritating. So, ensure that you think well ahead of choosing them as your pet.

Parrots make for a great pet. Go for any of the aforementioned types and you’re certain to have the best addition into the family.

Parrots and Pet Birds

by John Sinclaire
Parrots are quickly becoming one of the most popular household pets, and with good reason. They are beautiful, very intelligent, playful and loving. However, parrots are an enormous responsibility. Those traits that endear them to us are also the ones that ultimately lead to their abandonment. Here are some things to consider before buying a parrot.

Start by researching different types of parrots, since all species have different traits and personalities. It might be best to start with a smaller species such as a parakeet or cockatiel. They are a little easier to handle and still have terrific personalities.

It’s important to consider the initial as well as recurring costs of owning a bird. Parakeets cost about $25 each, but larger species range from $500 to over $2500. Be aware of the initial cost of a cage, toys, food and vet bills. Recurring costs include vet care and food. Food requirements are complex and vary depending on the species; seed-only diets are not acceptable.

Birds have very sensitive bodies, especially the respiratory system. It is critical to be aware of potential hazards in the home, as well as in the bird’s diet. Toxic and potentially deadly items include avocados; any food or drink containing caffeine or chocolate; numerous species of plants; fumes from Teflon cookware or self-cleaning ovens; and scented candles and air fresheners.

Parrots can be loud. They love to talk, sing, whistle and sometimes scream. Most species will not make good pets for people living in attached housing. They also have the potential to cause damage, especially to moldings and anything else made of wood.

Prospective owners need to take a realistic look at the time they have available to spend with a parrot. Birds need lots of time outside their cages, for both attention and exercise. Any bird should always be supervised, especially when the household contains birds of different sizes. They also need discipline and training. Birds are very smart and can exhibit behaviors similar to children, such as screaming when they want attention and getting into things that are dangerous or harmful.Any bird should be examined by a veterinarian immediately after purchase. When other birds are already living in the home, the new bird should be quarantined for at least 30 days after arriving home. This will ensure existing birds are not exposed to hidden illnesses or diseases. Prospective owners must be prepared to have the bird for a good many years. Parrots can live anywhere from 45 to 80 years. They become very bonded to their families. Locate a reliable & trusted person to watch the birds during vacations and emergencies. It could be a friend or family member, or a pet sitter.

Ongoing education is key. There are excellent resources available, such as magazines, books, training videos, seminars and websites. Information covers training, diet, health and behavior.

Parrots are very entertaining, loving, intelligent and rewarding companions. They can bring much laughter, happiness and joy to families. However, owners need to do thorough research before deciding to give one (or more) a place in their homes – and hearts.

John Sinclaire is a pet enthusiast and article contributor for the online store John enjoys writing much of the add copy for this network of websites.

Article Source: Parrots and Pet Birds

Train Your Parrot With New Parrot Tricks To Keep Him Happy

by Kaye Dennan


Parrots enjoy interaction with their owners and teaching parrots tricks is one way that a strong bond can be built up with a parrot. They love to do tricks and they love the praise they get when the perform them well. ‘Stepping up’ onto their hand is usually one of the first tricks that owners teach their parrots.

Parrot tricks are great for your pet parrot because if the owner is not around they can become quite lonely and bored which is not good for their health. They are flock birds and if they do not have a companion in the cage with them then they need to be taught tricks so that they do not become upset and unwell. A happy parrot is an amazingly good companion.

Here is something that can be taught to a pet parrot.

Because owners like to carry their parrot around, ‘stepping up’ is one of the first tricks often taught. This is simply getting the parrot to step onto your finger (or arm if it is a larger bird). Extend your finger in front of the parrot’s feet and ask it to “step up”. Repeat this command several times in a calm, soothing voice so as not to frighten the bird. If necessary, hold some food in front of the bird, out of reach so that it will move forward. Once the bird has done what is expected of it, give it a treat.

“Turning around” is another trick that birds will learn quite quickly. The idea is to get the parrot to do a full turn on the perch. To start this trick, hold a piece of food to the side of the parrot so that it has to turn its head. Ask it to “turn around” and as it reaches for the food move it behind the bird so that it turns completely around on the perch. Once it has turned around, give it a treat.

Training Your Parrot the Alex Way – DVD
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Training Your Parrot the Alex Way

As your parrot starts to build more confidence you will see that they actually will introduce some tricks of their own. A lot of that will also depend on the different toys that you introduce to him. They have really inquisitive minds and like small children, they will find things to do with new toys.

Teaching a parrot to talk.

One of the very important steps when teaching a parrot to talk is to talk loudly clearly. Each syllable needs clear pronunciation so that the parrot can hear and be able to mimic the sounds.

It is best to teach the parrot only a few words at a time otherwise they will get confused, and also it is best if there is only one teacher. This way the parrot gets used to the vocal sounds and is not confused by the different accents and voice tone.

Your parrot will love the interaction with tricks and talking lessons, so enjoy this time with him. You can bet that all that praise you give him will not be lost and he will just love it.

Copyright (c) 2010 Kaye Dennan

Owning a pet parrot is lots of fun and at Pet Parrot Secrets you will find all types of information on just how to have a happy, healthy parrot and lots of tips on having fun with him too.

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Parrots For Pets

by Nancy Richards


I have had many pets in my life but parrots for pets are my all-time favorites. This is primarily because most parrots have long lives. Moreover, parrots are one of the best pets in the world. As pets, parrots provide a lot of entertainment and they bond with humans just as they would with their flock.

For pets, parrots are the right choice for people with small children at home and for those who have retired from active professional lives. Parrots can be a lot of fun to be with and are ideal companions of little children.

Parrots fill up your life with laughter and fun. Watch your parrots repeat your words in their own tones. It is simply hilarious! Be careful, though. See to it your parrots don’t tell your mother-in-law what you think of her!

Pet parrots can be trained to talk and perform amazing tricks. However, it is not easy to train parrots. They are intelligent, graceful and often moody birds. You can derive immense satisfaction to see your pet parrot repeating the words or the tricks they have just learned from you.

Keeping a pet parrot implies a lot of time and understanding of their minds. Having kept parrots as pets for over twenty years now, I know it is difficult for all new owners of parrots. However, it is such a fulfillment to see them playful, happy and healthy that the pains and the efforts in taking care of them are just a small price to pay.

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