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Things You Should Know About Pet Parrot Cages

It is known to many that parrots are great animals to have at home basically because of its fun colors and interesting way of mimicking various voices and sounds. Children do enjoy having them at home. But it’s not all the time fun and excitement; the noise may bother you for the next weeks to come.

Following are some of the things you ought to know about parrots before you get into a pet shop and purchase one for yourself. Parrots are quite pricey, so when you get one right now, you will have to take care of it; so deliberate on this first very carefully.

1. Noise may be problem

For the first few weeks, mimicries are fun to listen but what about the next weeks to come? Will you be able to bear the noise it can produce? For people who are very irritable and those who want peace and quiet most of the time, parrots are not for you. The bigger the bird the louder the noise will be. And it does not give out musical type of sound like the other birds do.

Interestingly, it can scream for about 5-15 minutes twice a day. This may even cause complaints to flood in your doorsteps from your neighbors.

2. Parrots enjoy just about anything

A wooden toy is great to keep parrots busy chewing but it can’t tell if it’s already your priceless wooden furniture it’s enjoying.

Wooden furniture is not even enough for parrots; it can chew and scratch on anything it gets contact with such as electric wires, papers, books, computer, wallpaper and your clothes. Keep an eye on your pet parrot so it won’t destroy your priceless items at home.

3. Parrots do bite and scratch

Just like some animals, parrots can also cause injury through its bite and claws. Parakeets may appear small but even these birds do bite. And the result isn’t just a small scratch; it can be a major cut on the skin.

In some instances, small bones are broken due to parrots biting hard enough out of fear. These doesn’t imply that parrots are dangerous birds; it is because it feels threatened by unfamiliar faces and people who it hasn’t got use to be with. In effect, it displays the defense mechanism of biting off the threat away to keep itself safe and secured from further harm and danger.

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What to Consider When Purchasing A Bird Cage

For whatever reason you might have in mind, may it be for upgrading purposes or for provision of a new home for a new pet, buying a bird cages for sale must be carefully thought of with some important considerations prior to actual purchase. So if you right away see bird cages displayed in stores nearby, think again; it may not be the next best thing to do at that moment.

Due to its wild nature, birds are known to require much space in order to move about freely. And we can understand it clearly that it is impossible for you to provide a space as large as the one it is used to have. But at least you can try to provide the amount of space it needs to feel comfortable and secured as much as possible.

Being a piece of delight when you look at it, amazing bird cages must also be of good quality made from durable materials, making it stand through the test of time. It must as well be able to provide with enough space for various activities such as eating and relaxing. With this feature, you can ensure the overall well-being of your pet bird.

Other than space required, your home’s decor and luxurious furnishings will be another consideration. Well, for sure you wouldn’t want to let your well-decorated home be destroyed in terms of quality looks and appearance just because you hanged an old and low class bird cage at one corner of the room.

As a matter of fact, a large bird cage would definitely add up to the style and classiness that your room already has, regardless where and how you display it. Your guests will be much delighted to see such wonderful piece inside a very luxurious home.

Incredible craftsmanship and well-mounted cages with the use of durable materials are two things you should take note when buying cages. Even if priced a bit higher than ordinary cages, you are assured to get a good value and quality with it.

Spending too much for low-class bird cages is unjustifiable. Sooner or later, you’ll end up disappointed with broken or bent, more so an injured pet.

If you are planning to buy from a shop or online store, just make sure that you are getting a good deal of quality-made bird cages in order to make your pet happy and your home extraordinary.

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Raising Birds Can Give You Good Profit

Do you love taking care of birds? Now is your chance to earn money through raising birds! But earning is possible only if you know how to care and raise them as well.


Today, demand for these animals in increasing. In order for you to start your interest with birds, have first the space, inclination, and means. For you to succeed in this field, you should have a good plan and organized business strategy. Following are some details to learn and consider.


Planning Properly


To reach your goal, you must consider the profit of course. Raising birds doesn’t mean you have to spend and spend only, but rather double the amount you have spent. Profit is, in any business, the number one prerequisite.


Right Kind of Species


You must have an idea what kind of birds are people most fond of, so that you won’t be spending time, effort, and money on raising birds that your customers do not appreciate at all. Timeline is the keyword. For beginners, birds such as parakeets, finches, and canaries are the perfect ones for you to breed. Avoid birds that are not bred in captivity.


Nowadays, the canaries are very in demand since Americans and Europeans are loving domestic cage birds. They are much loved because of their beautiful color and lovely songs. During the 1940’s and 1950’s, there had been a great budgie boom for the reason that people were having parakeet in barns, basements, and backyards. This is because they have these strong striking colors that most people became fond of them too.


Parrots are considered to be very unique among other kinds because they have the ability to talk and are in demand in markets. Parrot breeds such as love birds, cockatiels, African Greys and cockatoos are also very popular.


Breeding Them


To assure the success of your business plan, be prepared. Focus on the breeding process. Raise three breeds of birds, as recommended, and cage them in brooders. Make sure to have enough room and protection against pests, snow, and rain. Do clean the brooder regularly to avoid unnecessary conditions striking your pets.


Encourage them to mate, and best season is on March. Do it right by placing male bird to the female’s bird cage. Then ones you’ll have eggs, incubate in a cool dry area.


These tips mentions will surely help you become successful in your business venture. For more choices of affordable bird cage for sale, visit today!

What You Should Look For In A Large Bird Cage

Having a pet bird can be a very fun experience for the whole family.  If the bird that you are planning to get is big then you should also provide him with a bigger sized cage.  You cannot cramp him in a small cage for it is very inappropriate and comes close to animal cruelty.  Birds are playful creatures and they need space to do this.  Aside from this, they need exercise and should be able to spread their wings even inside the bird cage.  Their feeding utensils and perch should be given space inside the cage too.  If you are looking for the right bird cage for your pet, choose one that is spacious enough to enable him to move around a lot.

Looking for a bird cage can be a bit hard; you will need to prepare your money for it so that it will be easier for you to decide which one to buy. 

Finding an affordable cage that is spacious enough for your pet is necessary.  The space between the cage bars should be close to prevent your pet bird from sticking out his head and getting stuck in the process.   The spacing has to be just right, not too wide and not too narrow.  This will ensure your pet bird’s safety and comfort. 

You can chose from the two types of bird cage, the standing type and the hanging type.  The standing type is more conventional and can be used for all kinds of birds.  While a hanging cage can be pretty to look at, it tends to swing which is not so apt for some types of birds.

Get to know the type of bird that you want to have, this way you will be able to know which type of bird cage to get for him.  If you are unsure of this, then choose the standing type as this is suitable for all bird types.

Bird cages with wheels are also available and this better than those that don’t have wheels.  It allows you to take the cage anywhere, in a darkened room when it’s sleeping time or outside the house when the weather is good to let your bird get some fresh air.

A stainless steel bird cage is the most beautiful of all, and can be easily cleaned too. 

Birds are great pets to have, just be sure to learn about their care and upkeep before getting one to make your stay together a peaceful and happy one.

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Birds That Are Smart Pets

Having birds as pets, you must have a good decision before you take on a new companion. Before making a choice, you need to have at least the basic knowledge that might help you save lots of headaches. It doesn’t have to be that difficult having a bird as a pet.

There are birds that fun to watch like finches. Birds that can sing include canaries. Birds which are presentable like cockatiels and lovebirds. And birds that talk like parrots and mynah birds.

 Some traits can cross over. For example, male cockatiels may learn to talk and whistle. In fact, I once have a friend who had one that loved to ask, “Where’s my baby?” and whistle the tune of the Andy Griffith theme.

If you like smaller birds, try getting finches, lovebirds or parakeets. If you’re for larger birds, having a parrot, macaw or cockatoo will make a good choice.

When you’re on a budget, getting a Budgie is a great choice. Once you spend time with them, they are affectionate. They will make great pets for your kids also.

Want an exotic pet, and then get a Parrot. They can learn easily to talk and perform tricks. Once you earn their trust, these colored birds can also be affectionate.

Not all birds can be good pets. Wild birds don’t adapt well and get along with humans that easy. The bigger the bird, the bigger the mess. They usually find their food anywhere. And to reduce the mess, there are supplies that can help you.There’s no hurry in getting the right bird for a pet. These birds have different personalities.

 It’s cute to have a pet bird but you must be prepared on what you’re getting into. Understand that there’s responsibility involved. Whichever bird you get, you must provide it with the proper care and attention. That way, you and your pet with come along for decades.

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