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Tips for Selecting and Maintaining Hummingbird Feeders

The ideal way to feed hummingbirds is by utilizing a nectar feeder. You must locate it high enough on a branch so that squirrels and other predators cannot feed from it. A combination of sugar and water is the best way to attract them. This mix is as close as you can come to actual flower nectar. Do not use honey, molasses or any other artificial sweeteners. Though they consume small insects for protein, hummingbirds also rely heavily on flowers and prepared nectar for their energy demands. You may possibly be able to successfully attract these beautiful birds to a backyard feeder with a correct combination of timing, consistency, and cleanliness.

Most feeders will attract hummingbirds. The features to watch out for in your hummingbird feeder are simplicity of cleaning, filling and personal style. You will want to get the basin-style hummingbird feeders instead of the ones with the inverted bottle.

Most hummingbird feeders are plastic. Today’s new feeders are manufactured of ceramic or glass. Since the hummingbirds do not always acknowledge the feeders as a supply of food they may possibly not appear immediately to the hummingbird feeder. Add nectar to the feeder to entice them, but just remember that hummingbirds have to learn to use the feeder after time.

If the birds in your backyard seem to favor one type of feeder over another, it’s probably a simple matter of being acquainted with a certain type of feeder. If you have lots of hummingbirds checking out your feeder, you should consider to add more hummingbird feeders in your yard so it does not get overcrowded.

The hummingbird feeder has to be clean ; otherwise you run the risk of the birds not feeding. It should be colorful – ideally red and orange with red material connected to the feeder so it can be quickly seen by the hummingbird. There are a few different types of hummingbird feeders. The dish type has a perch and permits a great view of the bird while it is feeding . The gravity-fed bottle style feeder does not have a perch – and that eliminates the problem of other critters getting on it to feed.

These bird feeders come in many different styles and shapes . Some are even beautifully hand-blown glass bulbs that enhance the charm of any backyard.

Enjoy your hummingbirds!

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Everybody (well, almost everybody) likes the tiny friends that reside in our yard. They are constantly playful and they show real intelligence and willpower. It is unfortunate that this side of squirrels vanishes when they start raiding the bird feeders! As squirrels like to consume most if not all of the food on the birdfeeders, we always have our eyes open for bird feeders that are squirrel proof, or at least those which will keep them from eating all of the bird’s food .

The larger the squirrel, the less complicated for them to take over any bird feeder and push the birds away. This has made the bird feeder companies take a much closer glance at how they can make bird feeders to be “squirrel proof”. One company has cleverly produced a bird feeder that uses the squirrel’s own weight against it.

With this feeder, the squirrel sits on the perch and its weight activates the battery powered motor . The motor makes the perch flip up. The squirrel’s own weight causes it to tumble off of the feeder perch. This unique squirrel proof bird feeder is known as the Yankee Flipper Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder. That’s quite a mouthful, but you only have to remember “Yankee Flipper” and the primary idea is that it does the job very well.

Another kind of squirrel proof bird feeder is a tube feeder . Tube feeders have the food enclosed by a wire cage, and the notion is that the holes of the cage are too tiny for the squirrel to get to the food, but they are just the right size for birds to eat their seeds in peace.

Why not make your own squirrel proof  feeder simply by putting it on a wire mounted platform? . You’ll want to connect the two ends of the wire to two durable walls or posts. Between the feeder and the posts you should put some plastic or PVC tubing on the wire. This is done so that when the squirrel attempts to walk over the tubing to get to the feeder, the slippery tubing will spin, triggering the squirrel to lose its footing .

In the battle with the squirrels, one thing that is important to remember is that they are persistent, agile and acrobatic. One of the best ways to squirrel proof your feeders is to place them in a area away from things such as trees, roofs and railings that squirrels can launch themselves from. This means about eight to ten feet away from those places,  plus  your feeder should also be kept at least four feet above the ground, in the way that pole bird feeders are. This is the most essential way to shield your bird’s foodthose varmits  .

Information on Bird Feeders

If you want to attract a lot of birds, you simply must understand where to locate the bird feeder pole and the bird feeder. When you make the seed a lot more accessible to the birds, they very easily discover it and visit all the time. You may be baffled regarding where to locate your feeders though. Below is some information that really should assist you to figure it out.

Electric Feeder, 12 Port by Wild Bills
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Birds locate their food by sight rather than by their sense of smell. So make sure that the birds can easily see the feeder. This way they are going to rapidly get used to visiting the feeder.

Place the feeders in parts of the yard that happen to be fairly calm, but where you can nevertheless view them. It really is great to be able to see them when you look out the windows of your house. This way you are able to observe the birds for hours if you would like. So remember this when you’re ready to place the wild bird feeder.

You would like the location to be easily accessible so you are able to load the feeder. Even in bad weather, you want to be able to easily replenish your feeder.

Also, locate your feeders near some form of shelter such as trees or shrubs. By doing this the birds have a place where they are protected while they wait to get to the feeders. You should keep the bird feeder pole and bird feeder far enough away from this shelter so squirrels are not encouraged. Additionally, your outdoor cats will have a lot more trouble pouncing on the birds if you give some thought to where you position your bird feeders.

Pick a place where the overflow of seed, feathers, and bird droppings will never matter. Some of the commercial seeds have additives so they will not germinate. This might also cause other plants not to sprout. Consider this when choosing the spot.

Don’t place all your feeders on the identical height. The height that the bird feeder pole should be will depend on which birds you are attempting to attract. Do some study so you will have all your feeders at the suitable heights.

Now keep in mind that some birds desire platforms to feed on rather than the hopper or tube feeders. So be sure to employ a few platforms scattered about. These platforms can sit on top of the bird feeder post, hang from one, or hang from a tree.

Several other birds are ground feeders and will probably consume the seeds the other birds push out of the feeder. This might help clean up part of the mess the birds make. No need to put out extra seed for these kinds of birds. The other birds will drop enough to feed them.

Using the tips above, you should better understand where to locate a bird feeder pole and bird feeder now. You can expect to enjoy many hours of viewing the birds come and go. It is also enjoyable to make a list of the birds that visit your yard. This is called a life list by professional birdwatchers. So have fun today and set up some feeders for your feathered friends.

- Craig enjoys bird watching and writing at sites like Wild Bird Feeders

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