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Bird Cage – Buying tips and Tricks


In the same way fishes are created to swim and dogs walk on land, birds deserve every one of the right to set their selves on flight! In the idea of bird domestication, keeping them enclosed inside a bird cage defers their purpose and the only consolation these birds get is that they remain safe from the wildest danger and fed properly with love from other owners.


Realizing that they’re supposed to be free as birds, they must be offered the perfect accommodation, you can find never to provide them with why you should escape. Make them feel in the home with their natural habitat even at your home. Build a cage that shall provide a wide space for the bird to fly.


Go through the space offered at home. If it is big enough, you might opt to build a walk-in aviary where your birds can fly freely while not having to escape to the outside areas.  Different birds have different needs in terms of space. Birds just like the Macaws need bird cages to be at around three feet long and five feet wide. Same is true to other kinds of parrots like the Amazons, Cockatoos, African Greys and Conures. They even require bigger cages than the macaws. These parrots find it really comfortable to stay in wide spaces.


You may want to desire to consider buying cages crafted from stainless steel as these materials are easier to clean.  They are also considered more durable, since they are not easily destroyed by big birds.


It’s not that hard for one to look for a bird cage today since the magic of buying online is always a click away. There you can choose among a range of products for a pet. It is less time consuming in comparison to an actual searching where you go from store to store. Although it would also be a great experience since when you go to stores personally, you are readily oriented by how the item looks like and compare them from other brands right there and then. You won’t have problems on shipping process and delivery charges either since you could have the product directly after you paid it. If you would plan to build something original for your personal pet bird, you might create a customized cage at home. Buy all materials and conceptualize a design for it. If you decide to own a parrot, anticipate a lot of work to do as these birds actually require wider spaces. Get some help and work with the rest of your family on a weekend. This could be a great experience for family bonding and enjoyment. 


Things You Should Know About Pet Parrot Cages

It is known to many that parrots are great animals to have at home basically because of its fun colors and interesting way of mimicking various voices and sounds. Children do enjoy having them at home. But it’s not all the time fun and excitement; the noise may bother you for the next weeks to come.

Following are some of the things you ought to know about parrots before you get into a pet shop and purchase one for yourself. Parrots are quite pricey, so when you get one right now, you will have to take care of it; so deliberate on this first very carefully.

1. Noise may be problem

For the first few weeks, mimicries are fun to listen but what about the next weeks to come? Will you be able to bear the noise it can produce? For people who are very irritable and those who want peace and quiet most of the time, parrots are not for you. The bigger the bird the louder the noise will be. And it does not give out musical type of sound like the other birds do.

Interestingly, it can scream for about 5-15 minutes twice a day. This may even cause complaints to flood in your doorsteps from your neighbors.

2. Parrots enjoy just about anything

A wooden toy is great to keep parrots busy chewing but it can’t tell if it’s already your priceless wooden furniture it’s enjoying.

Wooden furniture is not even enough for parrots; it can chew and scratch on anything it gets contact with such as electric wires, papers, books, computer, wallpaper and your clothes. Keep an eye on your pet parrot so it won’t destroy your priceless items at home.

3. Parrots do bite and scratch

Just like some animals, parrots can also cause injury through its bite and claws. Parakeets may appear small but even these birds do bite. And the result isn’t just a small scratch; it can be a major cut on the skin.

In some instances, small bones are broken due to parrots biting hard enough out of fear. These doesn’t imply that parrots are dangerous birds; it is because it feels threatened by unfamiliar faces and people who it hasn’t got use to be with. In effect, it displays the defense mechanism of biting off the threat away to keep itself safe and secured from further harm and danger.

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Parrot Cages

Just before you deliver your new feathered friend home, you need to obtain a tough bird cage for your new pet. Even if you plan on the bird being out of its cage most of the day, most pet birds spend the majority of their life in their cage. A bird also needs a resting place to settle in when nighttime falls around. You first need to take into consideration the size of the bird and the size needed for its bird cage.

If your pet bird is a parrot, the standard guideline is that its parrot cage should be big enough so that your bird can totally stretch out its wings during adulthood. Smaller birds, like parakeets, enjoy to climb, jump, and fly around their cage, so a extra tall and wide cage that is a lot larger than your bird ought to be purchased. Guarantee that the bar spacing on the cage is not too wide for your unique bird. Finches are incredibly very small pet birds and will fit simply through the bars of a parrot cage. If you have purchased a bird cage and your bird looks squashed or depressing in it, it is almost certainly a great strategy to glance for a greater cage.

The door on any bird cage needs to be big enough so that you can get your hand in to either refill food and water bowls or to pet the bird. The door needs to be large so that your bird can enter and exit the cage with ease. Bird cages that are sq. or rectangular are best to clean but may look the plainest. There are bird cages accessible that are shaped like small houses. Even though these are cute, the elaborate curves of the structure may show more difficult to clear than plainly formed cages. Soon after you have successfully purchased the right cage for your bird, make sure to preserve it clean and tidy. Your pet bird will give thanks to you for giving it a spacious and clean place to reside and thrive.

Where to Find Cheap Bird Cages


There are so many pet lovers all over the world and these individuals habitually buy stuff for their pets. For example, a bird owner will have to buy their bird a bird cage. A lot of people already have experienced this kind of process. After they see a new bird cage they come right out and purchase especially if it’s an economical one without even having a second thought of what they are doing.


Indeed, buying a less expensive bird cage is actually a good plan but, there are various things that should be taken into consideration in doing so. It is also important to find an authorized dealer that sells bird cages and be sure that these dealers won’t cut you off.


Consider purchasing from exceptionally respected pet supply dealers who trade all variety of bird cages and bird supplies.


For those who are interested in buying a cost-effective bird cage, go to a pet store that is dependable, one that offers a wide selection of bird cages. For your time to search, you will even find those that sell bird cages of high quality but at very competitive prices. You will also find many different kinds of bird cages that vary in different sizes including small, medium and large. If you’re a frequent traveler, and you want to bring along your feathered pet with you, it is possible to also get flight cages from these stores which will allow you to go on trips along with your birds. Furthermore, you can actually avail play stand, pet steps and aviaries from them.


It is tremendously significant to select a bird’s cage that is suitable for the bird. Getting a bird cage that suits your bird can help ensure that they will feel absolutely happy living inside their cage. Also it is essential that you’ll purchase a reasonably priced bird cage that is easy to clean since most of the time many bird owners spend a lot of their time cleaning their bird’s cage. It should be the kind of cage that will save you a lot of time and trouble in the long run. Choose something that has a tray in the bottom that can be easily pulled out so it is possible to just dump it out and clean it.


In choosing a cage for the bird, remember all the time that it should also fit the style of your room. Nobody likes to choose a bird cage that would also look cheap and odd inside your home. Make sure that your bird cage won’t turn into a blot on the landscape.


The worth of putting these things into consideration is often a good plan but in the end, it is always good to check everything first, do your research so that you can be able to make an informed decision once you shop for an affordable bird cage.


What to Consider When Purchasing A Bird Cage

For whatever reason you might have in mind, may it be for upgrading purposes or for provision of a new home for a new pet, buying a bird cages for sale must be carefully thought of with some important considerations prior to actual purchase. So if you right away see bird cages displayed in stores nearby, think again; it may not be the next best thing to do at that moment.

Due to its wild nature, birds are known to require much space in order to move about freely. And we can understand it clearly that it is impossible for you to provide a space as large as the one it is used to have. But at least you can try to provide the amount of space it needs to feel comfortable and secured as much as possible.

Being a piece of delight when you look at it, amazing bird cages must also be of good quality made from durable materials, making it stand through the test of time. It must as well be able to provide with enough space for various activities such as eating and relaxing. With this feature, you can ensure the overall well-being of your pet bird.

Other than space required, your home’s decor and luxurious furnishings will be another consideration. Well, for sure you wouldn’t want to let your well-decorated home be destroyed in terms of quality looks and appearance just because you hanged an old and low class bird cage at one corner of the room.

As a matter of fact, a large bird cage would definitely add up to the style and classiness that your room already has, regardless where and how you display it. Your guests will be much delighted to see such wonderful piece inside a very luxurious home.

Incredible craftsmanship and well-mounted cages with the use of durable materials are two things you should take note when buying cages. Even if priced a bit higher than ordinary cages, you are assured to get a good value and quality with it.

Spending too much for low-class bird cages is unjustifiable. Sooner or later, you’ll end up disappointed with broken or bent, more so an injured pet.

If you are planning to buy from a shop or online store, just make sure that you are getting a good deal of quality-made bird cages in order to make your pet happy and your home extraordinary.

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Raising Birds Can Give You Good Profit

Do you love taking care of birds? Now is your chance to earn money through raising birds! But earning is possible only if you know how to care and raise them as well.


Today, demand for these animals in increasing. In order for you to start your interest with birds, have first the space, inclination, and means. For you to succeed in this field, you should have a good plan and organized business strategy. Following are some details to learn and consider.


Planning Properly


To reach your goal, you must consider the profit of course. Raising birds doesn’t mean you have to spend and spend only, but rather double the amount you have spent. Profit is, in any business, the number one prerequisite.


Right Kind of Species


You must have an idea what kind of birds are people most fond of, so that you won’t be spending time, effort, and money on raising birds that your customers do not appreciate at all. Timeline is the keyword. For beginners, birds such as parakeets, finches, and canaries are the perfect ones for you to breed. Avoid birds that are not bred in captivity.


Nowadays, the canaries are very in demand since Americans and Europeans are loving domestic cage birds. They are much loved because of their beautiful color and lovely songs. During the 1940’s and 1950’s, there had been a great budgie boom for the reason that people were having parakeet in barns, basements, and backyards. This is because they have these strong striking colors that most people became fond of them too.


Parrots are considered to be very unique among other kinds because they have the ability to talk and are in demand in markets. Parrot breeds such as love birds, cockatiels, African Greys and cockatoos are also very popular.


Breeding Them


To assure the success of your business plan, be prepared. Focus on the breeding process. Raise three breeds of birds, as recommended, and cage them in brooders. Make sure to have enough room and protection against pests, snow, and rain. Do clean the brooder regularly to avoid unnecessary conditions striking your pets.


Encourage them to mate, and best season is on March. Do it right by placing male bird to the female’s bird cage. Then ones you’ll have eggs, incubate in a cool dry area.


These tips mentions will surely help you become successful in your business venture. For more choices of affordable bird cage for sale, visit today!

What You Should Look For In A Large Bird Cage

Having a pet bird can be a very fun experience for the whole family.  If the bird that you are planning to get is big then you should also provide him with a bigger sized cage.  You cannot cramp him in a small cage for it is very inappropriate and comes close to animal cruelty.  Birds are playful creatures and they need space to do this.  Aside from this, they need exercise and should be able to spread their wings even inside the bird cage.  Their feeding utensils and perch should be given space inside the cage too.  If you are looking for the right bird cage for your pet, choose one that is spacious enough to enable him to move around a lot.

Looking for a bird cage can be a bit hard; you will need to prepare your money for it so that it will be easier for you to decide which one to buy. 

Finding an affordable cage that is spacious enough for your pet is necessary.  The space between the cage bars should be close to prevent your pet bird from sticking out his head and getting stuck in the process.   The spacing has to be just right, not too wide and not too narrow.  This will ensure your pet bird’s safety and comfort. 

You can chose from the two types of bird cage, the standing type and the hanging type.  The standing type is more conventional and can be used for all kinds of birds.  While a hanging cage can be pretty to look at, it tends to swing which is not so apt for some types of birds.

Get to know the type of bird that you want to have, this way you will be able to know which type of bird cage to get for him.  If you are unsure of this, then choose the standing type as this is suitable for all bird types.

Bird cages with wheels are also available and this better than those that don’t have wheels.  It allows you to take the cage anywhere, in a darkened room when it’s sleeping time or outside the house when the weather is good to let your bird get some fresh air.

A stainless steel bird cage is the most beautiful of all, and can be easily cleaned too. 

Birds are great pets to have, just be sure to learn about their care and upkeep before getting one to make your stay together a peaceful and happy one.

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Five Types of Talking Birds

When birds talk, people are amazed, thinking that it is not possible. The truth is that there are a lot of bird species that can learn to talk our language.  Their vocabulary can be limited but there are other birds that can learn as much as 900 different words.  What’s more perplexing is that some of them can use these words properly.  Here are five of these birds for you to choose from.

The African Grey is a kind of parrot that can acquire a huge vocabulary and become a good speaker.  They can be trained at an early age but most are better trained when they are older, preferably at 1-2 years of age.  They are intelligent, with the intellect of a five year old child and can make every sound that they hear.  You can expect your pet African Grey Parrot to live up to 50 years if you take good care of it. 

The Amazon Parrot has several different species and most of them can learn to talk.  Although they can demand a lot of attention, they are easy to teach and can collect words at a fast pace.  They can become aggressive once they are grown and if they are not properly trained. 

The Macaw is a very colorful bird that is why people opt for them to become their pets.  When one hears the word parrot, the picture that usually comes to mind is the Macaw.  They have been used in films both in the movies and on television.  Even though their speech is hard to understand sometimes, they can use words in their proper context.  They can also perform tricks which they can learn easily.

The Conures on the other hand are very small parrots that have loud voices.  With constructive and regular training, they can be good speakers.  You cannot keep them as pets if your neighbors are near because they can be loud at times.

The Cockatoos draw people through their elegant appearance and their ability to utter words and phrases that can be understood.  They are also good at imitating sounds and they love to be with people so be sure to give your time to the Cockatoo if you decide to have one as pet.

Most of these birds can be taught how to talk but the degrees in which they learn vary.  If your bird is slow at catching words, you should let him take his time.Choosing from among the birds mentioned above will ensure that the bird you get can learn to talk after a few weeks of training.

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A Clean Cage and Your Bird’s Health

By Megan

Every pet owner should be the first consideration is your pet’s health problems. This is no different between a cat, dog and bird. Birds not only for their own health issues are important, and it is very significant to the family.

Birds in general are clean animals. However, a bird that is confined to a cage does not have the luxury of a rain shower, dust baths and a seemingly limitless bathroom. There are many steps that you can follow to be sure that your bird is clean and healthy. To begin with, choose a good location to put the bird cage. The bird cage should not be in direct sunlight but should be a location where the changing of day and night can be seen. Place the bird cage in an area that does not get too warm or too cold and is definitely not drafty. Your birds comfort level is essential to its physical as well as mental health.

Keeping the cage clean is a must. Your bird cage should have a liner that allows you to easily clean the bottom of the cage. Liners also help avoid rust and other damage that can occur to your cage due to excessive contact with acidic moisture, like urine. A liner can catch all the debris that falls to the bottom and is easily removed for regular cleaning.

Cleaning the cage regularly is extremely important. Pet birds are going to make a mess. They tend to throw and scatter food, water and whatever else they can get their beaks on. Cleaning on a regular basis will prevent the buildup of odor causing waste. A clean cage means less smell along with a more enjoyable experience for the family.

If you discover you have a very messy bird, your cage may require an additional layer of protection like a cage net or hanging something beneath the cage to trap anything that falls.

Regardless of the actions you take to keep the bird cage clean, some things are going to make it to the floor from time to time. For this reason, the cage should be located in a spot where the floor is easily cleaned. Tile, concrete or hard wood floors are preferable. Carpet would not be a good alternative for this area.

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A pivotal one thing is to keep your bird’s cage clean for keeping your bird healthy and happy. So, you should clean the bottom of the cage regularly.Then your bird and your family will be healthly.

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Shopping for Pet Birds Supplies

by Megan

Everybody needs household items, pet need either including birds. If you want to take good care of pet birds, you should choose the right of its supplies. First, you should know the pet birds basic needs. Then, everything will be easy.

Since most birds spend their time standing, a perch is the most basic supply you’ll need. Your bird will live accordingly if you get the right sized perch for the cage. An appropriate perch will allow a balance of movement and rest for the bird. Usually cages come with a wooden made dowel. Because it came with the cage, the right size for it has been measured. This means you should not take it away. However, you should still place other perches so the bird’s feet won’t get sore.

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One option for a bird perch is one made of rope. The rope material is very soft and flexible, giving your bird a comfortable place to stand on. If you opt for the rope perch, make sure you trim it regularly. Otherwise, the bird’s nails will get caught in the loose threads. A cheaper option is a plastic perch, but you have to ensure the bird does not swallow it. A sturdier material is wood such as Manzanita.

Bird stands
Another essential bird supply for the cage is a stand. The most elaborate stands include shelving compartments to store the pet’s food and toys. If you want to spoil your bird, it will definitely enjoy this organized form of pet bird supplies. Homes with minimal space should get a hanging bird cage stand. A hanging cage stand also works for modern designed houses. Be sure to get a stand that fits your bird and your home. The stand should fit both so neither party feels inconvenient.

Pet toys
If you would like to buy your pet bird toys, you should consider their level of toxicity, ingestion potential, and the possibility of entanglement. Some pet bird supplies which are toys contain heavy metals or poisonous chemicals. You don’t want the bird to risk smelling or ingesting these dangerous ingredients. You should also estimate how the toy’s size will fare against the bird. This estimate will show you the toy’s potential for entanglement.

The bird may also ingest the toy if it is very small. Make sure it is large enough to play with but not too small. Before getting any toys, get to know your bird to know its tastes. Observe how it moves to know which toys are appropriate.

Bird cage
Of course, bird cage is the most basic of pet bird supplies. Different birds need different cage. We should take into account birds flying space and their size. Then, birds will have a comfortable environment.

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