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Many Bird Owners Wonder Whether They Should Trim or File Their Pet Bird’s Beak


Many bird owners wonder whether they should trim or file their pet bird’s beak. We as pet owners like to know we are doing the right thing by them, after all we are wholly responsible for each and every animal that we have. It is important to keep an eye on any changes in your bird’s beak, from over growing, under growing, discoloured, cracked, changing shape, becoming soft, becoming brittle, too shiny, improper alignment of top and bottom beaks etc, etc. Anything that is changing from what is normal for your bird is best to be checked out by an avian veterinarian. Don’t wait until it is too late, as some problems are caused by diet and can be overcome quite easily, just by changing or adding different foods and introducing items that can keep the bird’s beak in tip top shape.

Our Quaker Parrot, Charlie, loves to chew on branches from trees that we place around the house, both indoors and outside. Once he has chewed all of the outside layer from them we replace them with new branches. He loves to climb all over the branches and chews to his hearts content, whilst it is very messy it also keeps him amused. We have different shapes and sizes of branches so as he has to open his beak in different ways. We also give him different textures of food, both raw vegetables and fruit along with bird seed that we purchase from good pet stores. We have a cuttlebone placed here and there but he is not very keen on them, along with calcium bells. Charlie is still only young, about one year old, but we are very aware that any bird can have a beak problem, so we keep a careful eye on him. Even when he is on our shoulders on our clothes protector, a bird bib we give him things to chew on.

As I said before many pet bird owners ask themselves should they trim or file their bird’s beak, well yes, sometimes it is necessary, but as always prevention is better than cure. Try to give your bird, whether it is a Quaker parrot, Budgerigar, Cockatiel, Parrot, Canary, Parakeet just to name a few, a variety of items including food that will help control their beak and keep them in a healthy state. If you are at all worried about your bird’s beak don’t hesitate to take it to a veterinarian, an avian veterinarian if possible. The veterinarian is the best person to trim any bird’s beak and will show you how you can file it yourself if you ask them. If you want to trim the beak yourself please check it out with the vet first as there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. You can cause the beak to bleed and it can be very painful to your pet bird. You don’t won’t to hurt your pet bird, after all. as well We believe that clipping both wings is the best thing for our Quaker Parrot.

After purchasing a Quaker Parrot and getting tired of all the washing that goes with sitting him on our shoulders, I designed and made a bird bib to protect our clothing. The bird bib has been very successful in keeping our clothes free from bird droppings. Please feel free to visit our website at

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After purchasing a Quaker Parrot and getting tired of all the washing that goes with sitting him on our shoulders, I designed and made a bird bib to protect our clothing. The bird bib has been very successful in keeping our clothes free from bird droppings.

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Why Pick a Quaker Bird As a Pet?

There are pets like dogs and cats and then there are pets which are not actually common. Anyone that looks for a pet which will not make a mess all round the house and can take glorious care of itself when required, may consider taking in a bird as a pet. Among birds, there are various options available but the Quaker bird is one which is an excellent choice. Below are some reasons why you would want to keep a Quaker bird as pet.

If you like beautiful things, then you have all the reasons in the world to have a Quaker bird as a pet. Colored in wonderful green, these birds are one of the most visually appealing creatures to have as pet. To add to it, they have blue feathers and are colored gray on the face and the chest. Their strange mix of colors make them very attractive. Nowadays, you even have the choice to choose between yellow, blue and white Quaker birds.

It’s not only the striking looks of the Quaker bird which makes it a must pet. Quaker birds also sport a particularly dynamic personality. It makes for the ultimate pet because of its acceptable nature. A Quaker bird can simply intermingle with the family and if trained correctly can become used to the ways of the family. Similarly, the bird fits into the slot of a companion and can become a very loyal pet. All that’s required is perfect training and in no time the Quaker bird is all set to respond to your queries with the right answers. The mild and the charming ways of the Quaker bird can simply take your heart away.

Regardless of the pet you plan to own, you need to be awfully careful about the food you give to your pet. The same applies for the Quaker bird also, but this bird pet eases a lot of concerns associated with the diet. Since it is not a fussy eater, you don’t have to worry about what to feed it with. Quaker birds do well with some fresh fruits and veg. You may also give them seeds, grains, pastas and legumes. Make sure that you avoid giving them avocado, rhubarb, caffeine, chocolate or alcohol.

Another important thing that people consider when they bring in a pet is the lifetime of the pet. This is one point that makes the Quaker bird a great choice. As of now, the average life-span of a Quaker bird is accepted to be anywhere between twenty to 30 years. As opposed to this, you’ll generally run across pets which don’t have such long life spans. Dogs, as an example, live just above ten years, cats generally live 7 years.

With all these reasons, you sure would be missing out on something if you do not own a Quaker bird as a pet.

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