• Why Birds as Pets!!!! June 27, 2011
    Birds as pets are far different from pets as dogs and cats. Still keeping birds can be very rewarding and entertaining. Instead of keeping them in small cages they should be kept in large ones to provide space for them to fly. Rather than keeping four legged pets, birds are far more beneficial. Birds are […]
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    If you’re planning to build a backyard coop, you may want to think about building a mobile chicken coop instead.  It has got a lot of advantages; some of which are enumerated below.   Why a mobile coop?   Mobile chicken houses are simple build, easy to wash and lessens possible issues due to constantly […]
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Pet Transport: All You Need To Know

Hiring a pet transport company for pet relocation service is the best for people or families who are relocating, not for those going on vacation. These companies will ship your pet any time of the year.

By hiring a pet transport shipping provider you can focus on the details of the move rather than worrying about moving your pet. Trying to move your pet by yourself can be stressful and even dangerous for your pet. There are two main ways to transport your pet: by ground or by air.

For Ground Transport:
If you choose to drive to your destination without your dog, cat, bird, or reptile, you should make arrangements with a pet transporter (preferably one that is USDA-licensed.) Many pet transport companies offer a choice between moving your pet privately (with no other animals on board), or having it ride in the truck or van with other pets. The U.S. Department of Agriculture requires that transported pets have enough room to sit up, move around and stretch out. When choosing a kennel for your pet, add 6 inches to its length and height. Make sure the kennel is roomy enough to accommodate your pet but not too big as to avoid being charged for a larger kennel than is needed.

Animal Transport Health Documentation
The pet transport company will want to see a veterinarian-signed certificate of good health within a month of departure. Proof of rabies vaccination will also be required. You will have to sign a form authorizing emergency care for your pet should it be necessary. The pet mover might also ask for proof of Bordetella treatment.

Necessary Supplies
Make sure you have packed enough food for your animal in baggies and label them with your pet’s name. Many companies will supply a leash for exercising your pet but don’t expect them to have a properly fitted collar for your animal. Check with your transporter to make sure supplies such as water, toys, treats and beds for your pet are on hand.

Make sure you go over all the charges that you will be responsible for in transporting your pet, such as kennel cost, mileage fees, supplies, fees for late delivery, cancellation, etc.

For Air Transport:
If you choose to ship your pet by air, you can either choose an airline animal company or make arrangements directly with the airline. Today, as more airlines are enhancing their security, people are turning to professional pet movers to take care of the details.

Health Documentation
Just as with ground transport of a pet, the company will want to see a veterinarian-signed certificate of good health within a month of departure. Proof of rabies vaccination will also be required. You will have to sign a form authorizing emergency care for your pet should it be necessary.

The pet mover might also ask for proof of Bordetella treatment. Make sure all the health paperwork is in order so as to avoid having your pet quarantined.

Your pet should NOT be shipped if it is…less than 8 weeks old-old, ill or injured, aggressive or intolerant of strangers, unaccustomed to being in a crate, a pug or snub nosed (which are prone to medical emergencies) – prohibited either by the airline or by the shipping destination.

Several airlines will not ship American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, English Bulldogs, American Bulldogs or French Bulldogs.

Make sure you understand all the fees involved: shipping kennels, fees, rentals, food and incidentals.

Of course you’ll want the quickest route to the destination. Non-stop flights are the best. Find out how your company can confirm loading, transfers from flight to flight and arrival at destination. Ask if you company provides rest stops for your pet on long trips or where connections may cause a long layover

Enhance Your Garden with a Window Bird House

If you wish to draw a variety of bird species to your garden, you should set up an exquisite window bird home and keep stock of bird food inside them. Such houses give a unique sense to your own backyard. You can be delighted with the constant tweeting of your new visitors. Your small green patch is going to be changed into a live ecosystem and you’ll take pleasure in that.

Wood is usually used to make bird houses that are for all kinds of weather. Normally Cedar is utilized to create bird homes as a result of its resilience and resistance to all weathers. You may make small openings in them like windows for the birds and they’ll take pleasure in flying through them.

Ready or Do-it-yourself: You could purchase such houses for birds which might be available in a range of kinds in the market. There are kinds available depending on your necessity and budget. If you want to construct a bird house on your own, you can get bird home kits which have complete components and instructions to make the task less difficult. You can even paint them with the color you like and make them attractive. It will stimulate your artistic juices when you wish to make an artistic dwelling for the birds.

It is extremely easy to even make such bird homes from scratch utilizing whatever materials you discover at home. Just some lumber, little hardware and instruments are needed and you could make a beautiful bird house. You’ll not even have to step out of your house, as you can find all materials and tools in and around your house.

The bird home kits which are available in the market make for wonderful presents as well. You may even use them as Holiday gifts and people who find themselves keen on birds and the natural world would really be pleased about them.

Birds and children: In case you have kids at your home, you will note the joy in their eyes when you build birdhouses on your window or within your backyard. Children also take a lot of pleasure in putting grains in their houses plus they learn a lot. Bird homes that attracts birds to your very own garden or backyard open your children up to nature and its beauty.

A variety of Bird kits: You will find a number of bird kits that may assist you make bird houses. Some are even bird specific based on which birds you wish to attract. These kits come with complete manuals and instructions with primary hardware. You simply have to assemble them and put up your bird house. In the event you plan to make your very own window bird homes try to include your own kids as part of the building process. Children can actually get pleasure from building a house for the birds and it’ll train them a lot. You could do the supervising when they really construct the house. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase a very good bird home kit or use up the resources from your own yard and assemble an attractive window bird house that may add a special meaning to your very own house.

At you’ll find products, information, and resources regarding bird houses for sale, decorative bird houses for sale,and window bird houses.

Allergic To Your Bird?–7 Ways to Manage Your Allergies And Keep Your Bird

by Debbie

If you’ve just adopted a beautiful bird only to find that your are allergies rev up when you come into close contact with the bird for prolonged periods of time, you may be allergic to your bird.

Don’t despair because as scary as this discovery can be, here are 7 things you can do as well as changes you can make to enjoy your bird while keeping your allergies under control.

Keep the Bird’s Room and Cage Clean-This cannot be stressed enough. Keep the cage clear of dropping and feathers, vacuum regularly, mop the floor daily, and change its drinking water as often as needed to keep it fresh. This is of course healthy for your bird, and it also prevents mold growth.

If you feed your bird fresh foods (and it will love you for this), be sure to throw them away after several hours to avoid mold growth.

Shower with Your Bird-This is convenient way to give your bird a bath, and spend time with it in an environment where the dander is low.

Bird perches are relatively inexpensive and are easily installed. Make sure they are placed away from direct spray, and turn the nozzle to a super gentle spray setting.

You’ll know immediately whether your bird likes the water. And if it does, it will do the rest for you. Always check with your vet about what products to use and how often to use them.

Wear a Mask-If you are the one doing the daily cleaning, be sure to wear a mask when you are performing task that are likely stir up dander and feathers. Your local hardware store is sure to carry a variety.

Experiment until you find one that allows you to be most comfortable when cleaning up after your bird.

Keep Your Hands Clean–Wearing gloves is best, but if you choose not to, wash your hands immediately after you finish to minimize contact with skin and eyes. This will greatly reduce the number of allergens that have direct contact.

Remove Fabrics and Upholstery-This process may have to be a gradual one, but it is well worth the time, money, and effort in terms of the significant improvement you will see in your allergies.

Draperies, carpet, upholstered furniture make great place for dander to hide, and sitting, dusting, and even vacuuming can send a ton of dander airborne. This makes it easy for it to invade your eyes, nose, and throat triggering the symptoms that can make you so miserable

Change Your House Filters Often-Get the smallest particulate size filter that they make for your central system. Start by changing them once a month. Take note of whether you find less dust on the furniture and floor. If this does decrease the dust, go to 2 months.

Gradually lengthen the frequency of filter changes until you have found the least number of changes that produce the desired result. Mark the dates on you calendar, and stay regular with replacing them.

Use a HEPA Air Purifier-Cleaning the air with a high efficiency particle arresting (abbreviated as HEPA) air purifier assures you that for every 10,000 particulates greater than .3 microns, it will remove 99,997 of them leaving only 3 out of 10,000.

Allowing your air to be filtered 24 hours a day is good for both you and your bird. Increase the rate of air exchange when cleaning the room and cage to keep the dander count low and the air quality high. And remember, clean air also cuts down on the spread of airborne disease and infections for both you and your bird.

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