• Why Birds as Pets!!!! June 27, 2011
    Birds as pets are far different from pets as dogs and cats. Still keeping birds can be very rewarding and entertaining. Instead of keeping them in small cages they should be kept in large ones to provide space for them to fly. Rather than keeping four legged pets, birds are far more beneficial. Birds are […]
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Why Birds as Pets!!!!

Birds as pets are far different from pets as dogs and cats. Still keeping birds can be very rewarding and entertaining. Instead of keeping them in small cages they should be kept in large ones to provide space for them to fly. Rather than keeping four legged pets, birds are far more beneficial.

Birds are smarts. Their capacity for learning and inquisitive nature makes them fascinating pets. Birds that are bonded with their owners constantly learn from the person’s behavior, and often delight them with surprisingly human-like antics. Because of their above average intelligence, birds can be a joy to train and as they are typically eager to learn new things from their owners.

As opposed to four-legged pets that typically roam free within their owners homes, birds are much easier to care for. They can be placed inside their cages when you are at work or busy, they don’t require daily walks outside, and housebreaking is not an issue.

Birds are naturally very hygienic animals, and they preen their feathers daily to keep them shiny and clean. Rather than having to deal with smelly shampoos, flea baths, and expensive haircuts, bird owners can usually maintain their pet’s health and good looks with a quick nail trim now and then and a shower of plain water once or twice each week.

If given proper training and socialization, birds can be every bit as loving and affectionate as a cat or dog. Many pet birds are inseparable from their owners, some even accompanying them on daily chores such as trips to the bank or grocery store.

It is very important to give quality food to birds but feeding birds is inexpensive. When you serve fresh fruits or vegetables in your home, you can set a portion aside for your bird’s meal. For this reason, a bird can be a very economical choice for renters who wish to adopt a pet.

Small bird species, such as budgies, canaries, and finches, make wonderful pets for those who live in apartments or condominiums with limited space. While larger pets require a big space birds occupy a smaller portion.

Last but not the least many bird species live extraordinarily long lives, some living more than 100 years. This often eases the concerns of people who want to make sure they adopt a pet that they can love and enjoy for a very long time.

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6 Things That We Have To Consider Before Buying A Bird

What to start with?

First we have to consider the following :

What can I afford?

The price of on parrot varies in large bounds in dependence with the species. You can buy for example a budgie for less than $10. The price of the cockatiel varies between $25 and $35. An Amazonian parrot and grey parrot can be purchased for about $300 – $400, cockatoo for $1,000 …… and the price of some parrots reaches $15,000! This is one of the initial questions which you have to answer.

How much space will the bird need?

Larger birds and even some of the small ones are very active physically and need big cages and space in which to play.

Is there any free time for the bird?

Probably this is the most important question. Birds are intelligent, playful and mostly “social” creatures. Will you have time to play with your bird? To care properly of it? Will it have the chance to be a part of your family? Consider the fact that birds live fairly long. A small parrot cockatiel lives for 20 years and more! Amazons or African grey parrot can live for 50, 60 and there are documented cases for birds that lived up to the respectable age of 100 years! Can you devote to this? It is not unusual to inherit birds from previous generations. Don’t buy a bird if you think that you will soon get bored of it.

How noisy is the bird? Will the neighbors murmur?

Budgies and cockatiel are comparatively quiet. They are suitable to look after in a flat. Moluxco cockatoo could live in flat just if you have neighbors around you and six floors above / below you that like listening to screams cracking their ear – drums. The African grey parrot tends to be one of comparatively non-noisy parrots. Certainly, there are individual differences between birds. Somewhere there could be cockatoo, that doesn’t make noise to heaven. If there could be found such a one, an enterprising person could make a fortune on it. Remember that noise is a subjective and relative sensation. A bird can be considered as “non-noisy” only compared to that of another one, considered as noisy.

How “destructive” could a bird be?

Do you possess peerless old furniture? Rare books? Remember that these birds have strong beaks. Some of them are less inclined to “nibbling” than others, but nibbling is completely natural behavior for them.

Does the parrot need special food?

Lory parrots, for example, need a specialized diet. Do you have an opportunity and means to provide it? Once you have made a preliminary investigation and have decided what kind of parrot you want, you can go looking for it and buy it. NEVER, NEVER BUY A PARROT IMPULSIVELY!

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