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Wooden Bird Perches That Will Resist Your Birds Chewing

For anyone who has ever been around exotic birds like parrots, you probably know how they like to chew on things. Wooden bird perches are the most popular material but most wood is no match for these powerful beaks. A parrot with plenty of time can chew their wooden perches and other wood accessories to pieces.

Many bird owners have discovered manzanita wood for their bird perches. This wood is very dense and hard, it has been rated from anywhere between the 6 to the 8th hardest wood in the world. Even the most persistent birds will have a difficult time chewing through it.

Not only is this wood hard, it is also known for its chemical neutrality. Many birds are easily poisoned by many substances but manzanita is not toxic to them. It is also less porous than most woods so it is easily cleaned and has fewer places for wastes to accumulate and bacteria to grow that might be toxic to the birds.

Manzanita branches also provide a surface that is ideal for birds to perch. Many bird owners may not think much about bird perches but to a bird, the perch and comfort of the perch is very important. This is where the bird will spend most if its time. A bird should have variation in its perching surface and not always have its feet in the same position. It is the same with humans, we don’t always want to be in the same position. When a bird is always gripping the same diameter, it can lead to discomfort, foot injury and boredom.

Natural manzanita solves this problem since the natural branches grow int irregular shapes that give the bird many shapes and diameters to choose from. Navigating this terrain will give the birds feet exercise and helps keep the bird entertained. The bird also has the ability to pick the spots that are most comfortable to perch on.

Manzanita branches are great for birds to perch on and they also look attractive. Before you buy a plain wooden dowel for a perch, think about spending just a few more dollars and do yourself and your bird a favor by buying manzanita.

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