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Bird Cages – Not Just Usual Cages Anymore

Certainly one of the basic things you should be aware of when deciding on becoming a bird owner is offering your bird the correct amount of living space. This may depend on the type of pet bird you’re purchasing. Considering the variety of forms, shades and designs of bird cages available nowadays, you might find yourself confused.

While there may appear to be infinite types of cages out there at present, there are a few particulars that you will want to consider when having a bird cage. These things will help your evaluation of the cages a little better.

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The first rule is that you should decide where this cage is to be located. This will permit you to discover the cage which is the right for the specified area that you prefer. It is important that the place not be anywhere around doors or house windows. Also it needs to be in a lively place in your house in order that there’s continuous movement for your bird. This can provide an enhanced degree of social development.

Secondly, it is to know what size your bird will end up being when full grown. While it’s perfectly acceptable to keep a canary or finch in minor bird cages, bigger birds will require bigger cages in order that there is a lot of area for them to grow. If you do keep a bird in a cage that is much too small, then you definitely can end up on the incorrect end of bitter attitude and an ill-tempered bird. The right bird cage must be one that the pet may walk around in and find a way to fully expand its wings.

Subsequently, you should make sure that you’re using a properly constructed cage. Ensuring this may offer the owner and the bird several years of practical usage. Bird cages which are the very best quality are those which are made from steel.

Aviary – Important Things To Know

A good aviary is often a big covered shelter which would allow birds to be able to fly without restraint as well as socialize well with various other birds. Birds that could dwell alongside one another may very well prosper inside an aviary. Birds very much love the companionship of other birds possessing similar temperaments so they become happy to live in the common space.

While establishing any kind of aviary you ought to understand that making an investment in your aviary is going to be a dedication. You have to nurture, care, and provide food for all the birds you plan to raise. You will have to take into account the amount of time readily available to you to expend relating to your birds’ daily care, your own understanding levels with birds, and also your ideas.

Home aviaries appear in varied sizes and shapes, both for interior or exterior use. Household aviaries are either anchored or dangling down. A good sized aviary that has the ability to comfortably accommodate 20 birds could well be 12 feet in height, 5 feet in height and 3 feet in width. Meant for smaller sized birds and for fewer birds you could certainly pick up significantly more compact aviaries. The dimension will depend on the sorts of birds and the amount of birds that you would like to hold.

Aviaries are often times made to stimulate birds’ organic and natural environments with unique landscape like plants, shrubs and water features. A sufficient amount of foliage is needed to ensure there are ample spots for your birds to develop nesting homes in. It is best to put in natural chemical free wooden perches (as cured wood may potentially prove toxic to your birds) in order to ensure the aviary complements the birds’ natural environment. You really should include several perches with different diameters and these must be exchanged constantly. Unlike small cages aviaries make it possible for the birds to fly out and so are sometimes described as flight cages due to this. Aviaries, which in German are called Vogelvoliere or Voliere, actually are a better solution when compared to a cage given that birds would communicate with their own brethen inside an environment that is definitely a lot more natural and organic compared to a bird cage.

Some birds may be suitable and can live in the very same aviary while others can’t reside in the very same area. It’s very beneficial to speak to an avian breeder to fully understand these kinds of indispensable information and facts. You may as well reveal to your breeder which kind of exterior or interior surroundings you have got in order to choose birds that will be perfect for the actual spacing which you have.

You need to keep predators as far away as you can. Various predators are generally mice, squirrels, jackals, snakes and cats. There are many tactics that can assist you; if you have a floored aviary it’s best to have a cement flooring to ensure that virtually no predators may possibly dig their own way in, or a good ultra-sonic appliance that gives off radio waves to frighten off predators. Such a gadget is totally unharmful on your birds.

Almost all birds will look out to keep themselves engaged in routines which mirror their particular organic and natural behaviors; consequently it is important to get distinctive things that would occupy their interest. Parrots for illustration should have items to gnaw on. The vast majority of birds will be needing a enclosed and calm location to nap therefore it’s imperative that you make available convenient sleeping spots for your birds.

Birds are extremely brilliant, inquisitive animals which will captivate people. Birds will definitely create rapport with their masters simply because they are remarkably friendly pets. They’re long lived companions which would provide you many years of friendship. Possessing an aviary is definitely a delightful and pleasant encounter to pay attention, learn about and observe your birds in a natural and organic manner.


Selecting a Bird Cage

By Andrew Thibaudeau

A bird cage purchase is the most important investments in a avian owner / lovers life. Bird cages rule of thumb is to get the largest cage you can possible afford and no less than the minimum size. Designer Cages, LLC offers it’s customers a great bird cage selection chart. The key to a long lasting cage is due primarily to daily cleaning and a good weekly deep cleaning.

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Remember to always invest in the highest quality bird cages. A major factor in protecting your pets’ health is the quality of the products you buy for them. Many of the bird cages for sale today aren’t of the highest quality, and could jeopardize your pets health. Many companies mass produce bird supplies such as cage, but overlook the importance of high quality materials. Bird cages and stands made of low quality materials are prone to break and/or deform. When your bird supplies are weak and prone to break, the risk of your pet getting hurt or eating something it shouldn’t increases dramatically, and this could cause serious harm to your beloved pet, sometimes even resulting in death.

Bird cages play a major roll in the life of your bird. Just as important as your home is to you, the bird’s home is important to it. A bird will grow up and live its whole life in its bird cage. Your bird will mate and mature with its partner in the bird house. The bird will also breed and raise its young in the bird cage. Bird cages come in all types of shapes, designs, and sizes. It is important to buy a bird house that will offer your pet the maximum comfort and provide the most functionality. Small bird cages are perfect for birds such as finches, love birds, and other such small birds. Many birds prefer a small living quarters. Small decorative bird cages are much easier to take care of and maintain. Their small size allows you to put the bird house virtually anywhere. However, depending on the size of your pet bird you might be forced to buy a big bird cage.

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About the Author: Andrew Thibaudeau – Owner / Operator of Designer Cages, LLC. Bird cages

Wooden Bird Perches That Will Resist Your Birds Chewing

For anyone who has ever been around exotic birds like parrots, you probably know how they like to chew on things. Wooden bird perches are the most popular material but most wood is no match for these powerful beaks. A parrot with plenty of time can chew their wooden perches and other wood accessories to pieces.

Many bird owners have discovered manzanita wood for their bird perches. This wood is very dense and hard, it has been rated from anywhere between the 6 to the 8th hardest wood in the world. Even the most persistent birds will have a difficult time chewing through it.

Not only is this wood hard, it is also known for its chemical neutrality. Many birds are easily poisoned by many substances but manzanita is not toxic to them. It is also less porous than most woods so it is easily cleaned and has fewer places for wastes to accumulate and bacteria to grow that might be toxic to the birds.

Manzanita branches also provide a surface that is ideal for birds to perch. Many bird owners may not think much about bird perches but to a bird, the perch and comfort of the perch is very important. This is where the bird will spend most if its time. A bird should have variation in its perching surface and not always have its feet in the same position. It is the same with humans, we don’t always want to be in the same position. When a bird is always gripping the same diameter, it can lead to discomfort, foot injury and boredom.

Natural manzanita solves this problem since the natural branches grow int irregular shapes that give the bird many shapes and diameters to choose from. Navigating this terrain will give the birds feet exercise and helps keep the bird entertained. The bird also has the ability to pick the spots that are most comfortable to perch on.

Manzanita branches are great for birds to perch on and they also look attractive. Before you buy a plain wooden dowel for a perch, think about spending just a few more dollars and do yourself and your bird a favor by buying manzanita.

Pet Birds Need A Lot Of Stimulation To Keep Them Amused And Bird Accessories Are A Must To Keep Them Happy

by Lee-ann Simpson
Pet birds need a lot of stimulation to keep them amused and bird accessories are a must to keep them happy and have a healthy active life. If any bird is left in a bird cage and is not paid attention to it will become very bored and withdrawn and it can become unhealthy to them, both physically and mentally. They will also become vary wary of people if they are not handled regularly. This would be a shame as all birds, including Budgerigars, Parakeets, Cockatiels, Parrots, Canaries just to name a few all thrive on attention and stimulation from both humans and bird accessories.

Charlie our Quaker Parrot loves attention all the time. He will definitely let you know if he wants company. He makes that much noise that we have to put on our birdbib and let him hop onto our shoulder. We wouldn’t think of letting him onto our shoulder without a birdbib which protects our clothing from birds pooh, a great bird accessory. Once he is on our shoulder he stops squawking straight away. He just loves it. Spoiled I think, but so what we enjoy it also.

We have a wide variety of bird accessories both in and outside our home. He has his bird cage that he is only mainly in at night time as we leave the door open all day, most of the time he will sit on top of the cage. When he sees one of us eating something he climbs down the cage and runs across the couch and up onto whom ever is eating and wants what ever it is that we are eating. He can be quite a little pig at times. In his cage we have a variety of perches that are different widths to give him exercise for his claws. We also have the traditional mirror that most people I’m sure would have. Charlie isn’t really keen on the mirror, he would rather play with the pet products that are made with strings, which we change around in his bird cage regularly to avoid boredom.

In our living area we have a gym as we call it that we made up ourselves. It has both a mixture of pet products and items from around the house that he likes to play with. On the stand we have put a piece of the shell grit bird paper, a cuttlebone for his beak, a tree branch that we change regularly with different shapes of branches. We have also tied up around the stand a ribbon that he loves to throw around and try to undo.

Outside he has his outdoor gym or tree house as we sometimes call it which is made up of a barbeque stand with once again a variety of different shapes and sizes of different objects to keep him entertained, like a larger tree branch with toys attached here and there. He can also climb onto the palm tree that it is attached to and have a swing on the palms which is important to work out the muscles in his legs. We do have to keep an eye on him all the time that he is outside as sometimes he gets up too high in the tree and he once flew over our back fence when he was startled. After that incident we don’t let him get up too high. We also have a bird bath sitting on the grass below his tree house that he absolutely loves the best out of all of the bird accessories that we have come up with. He scurries down the tree branch when we fill it up and splashes around for quite awhile and then climbs straight back up into his little bird haven and grooms himself.

We believe that we do our best to keep our pet bird stimulated and healthy with a wide variety of bird toys that we change frequently. It is important to check out thoroughly any bird accessory as some of them contain toxins that can kill your bird. The toxins may not kill them straight away but over a period of time they will. Birds become quite bored with the same bird toys around all of the time, so it is important to change them regularly not only for your bird’s amusement but also for your sanity, happy bird happy owner.

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After purchasing a Quaker Parrot and getting tired of all the washing that goes with sitting him on our shoulders, I designed and made a bird bib to protect our clothing. The bird bib has been very successful in keeping our clothes free from bird droppings. Please feel free to visit our website at

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Shopping for Pet Birds Supplies

by Megan

Everybody needs household items, pet need either including birds. If you want to take good care of pet birds, you should choose the right of its supplies. First, you should know the pet birds basic needs. Then, everything will be easy.

Since most birds spend their time standing, a perch is the most basic supply you’ll need. Your bird will live accordingly if you get the right sized perch for the cage. An appropriate perch will allow a balance of movement and rest for the bird. Usually cages come with a wooden made dowel. Because it came with the cage, the right size for it has been measured. This means you should not take it away. However, you should still place other perches so the bird’s feet won’t get sore.

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One option for a bird perch is one made of rope. The rope material is very soft and flexible, giving your bird a comfortable place to stand on. If you opt for the rope perch, make sure you trim it regularly. Otherwise, the bird’s nails will get caught in the loose threads. A cheaper option is a plastic perch, but you have to ensure the bird does not swallow it. A sturdier material is wood such as Manzanita.

Bird stands
Another essential bird supply for the cage is a stand. The most elaborate stands include shelving compartments to store the pet’s food and toys. If you want to spoil your bird, it will definitely enjoy this organized form of pet bird supplies. Homes with minimal space should get a hanging bird cage stand. A hanging cage stand also works for modern designed houses. Be sure to get a stand that fits your bird and your home. The stand should fit both so neither party feels inconvenient.

Pet toys
If you would like to buy your pet bird toys, you should consider their level of toxicity, ingestion potential, and the possibility of entanglement. Some pet bird supplies which are toys contain heavy metals or poisonous chemicals. You don’t want the bird to risk smelling or ingesting these dangerous ingredients. You should also estimate how the toy’s size will fare against the bird. This estimate will show you the toy’s potential for entanglement.

The bird may also ingest the toy if it is very small. Make sure it is large enough to play with but not too small. Before getting any toys, get to know your bird to know its tastes. Observe how it moves to know which toys are appropriate.

Bird cage
Of course, bird cage is the most basic of pet bird supplies. Different birds need different cage. We should take into account birds flying space and their size. Then, birds will have a comfortable environment.

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Teaching You to Choose Bird Toys!

by Megan

Indestructibell – LOADED
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Indestructibell – Loaded, SMALL

Thank you for reading my article “Teaching You to Choose Bird Toys!”. You can find more articles in Pets Club.

Toys help create a challenging and diverse environment and are an easy and effective way to prevent most negative behavior triggered by boredom. Though toys are often regarded as accessories or peripheral items, toys play a crucial role in the physical and mental well-being of your pet bird. It is not uncommon for caged birds to develop behavioral problems due to a lack of mental and physical stimulation.

How to choose toys?
All birds need toys. One of the most important factors in choosing a toy is making sure it is safe for your bird to play with. Take some simple steps to make sure you are buying safe toys for your bird.

First, you should talk to your vet. Your vet is of course the expert source on what bird toys are best. Ask for advice on which toys previous owners have had success with. Your bird’s safety is important, so making sure they have safe toys is important too.

You can also visit other sources for bird toy reviews. Look online for toys made just for your pet’s species. Birds come in all different sizes and temperaments, and you should get a toy suited for your pet. If the toy is too big, your bird can get caught in it. If it is too small, it may eat it and choke. Find safe bird toys in sizes that your bird can play with comfortably.

Lastly, remember to look at the package of any toy you purchase. Make sure that the toy you are buying uses natural materials. Some artificial dyes and plastics may harm your pet bird. Birds tend to chew on their toys, so dangerous chemicals can cause serious problems.

Remember to choose toys appropriate to your bird’s size and temperament. Large birds can break toys that are too small, and smaller birds may become frightened and confused by a too-large toy.

TIP: Introduce New Toys Slowly
New toys can be scary. Some birds are wary of new toys and require an adjustment period. If your bird is apprehensive, keep the toy outside of the cage, but within visual range for a few days. Then place the toy on the cage floor for a few more days to allow your bird to investigate the toy. When your bird starts to play with the toy, it is safe to hang it.

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Birdcages, Tips and Tricks

By kerry13


Everybody loves birds. They’re just so cool! But have you ever had one as a pet? Oh boy, they’ve got to be one of the messiest pets possible. If you have a pet bird, then you know what I’m talking about. Cleaning out their poop infested cages, trying to get to every little crammed corner in the cage. Trying to get to their food and water. It’s a pain in the you know what. Especially if you have a parrot cage that’s hard to work with. When purchasing bird cages, the number one thing to take into consideration is safety, after that, I’d have to say the next important thing is accessibility. How well can you access your cage? Can you reach into that corner? Can you get that last bit of mess over there?

When looking for that one cage, you should always be thinking into the future. will I have trouble picking up after and maintaining this bird cage? When searching through all the unique cages, make sure they have easy to use waste trays, and quick and easy water/food replacement. This is a super important aspect when deciding on a bird cage. By making this process as simple and easy as possible, it will also cut down the amount of times you have to do it.

Another thing to watch out for, is certain toys. Your bird can become caught in toys with the key chain type open ring, which can bring threat to your bird. It is better to try to find toys with metal clasps or plastic rings in different colors and sizes to keep birds occupied and happy. Even the paint on the cage bars can be very harmful to your bird if you choose the wrong cage. Be careful, and ask before you purchase.

When searching for a parrot cage always consider safety and quality as the most important thing.Don’t be afraid to ask the people who work at the store. Whether your shopping online or at a local store near you home, they will all be very willing to answer every single of your questions.

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Birdcage Tips
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You’re Not Still Getting Your Bird Supplies Offline, Right?

Let me tell a bit on myself to start out…I literally thought the big pet categories fell into the cat and dog columns and that there was little else happening. Until I started writing this article, I had no idea that pet birds were so popular.

And guess what, owning a pet bird, especially the larger parrots can become very costly. Very quickly.

Taking ownership of a bird is a big undertaking and as you start to add up the costs, it becomes very apparent, very quickly that you are going to need instant ways to get the cheapest bird supplies online sooner rather than later.

We know that the biggest bird brands distribute through the biggest online vendors (like Amazon) because they are seeking to expand their brand reach and increase their margins.

Everything from bird toys to bird food to bird carrying cases…these are the things that quickly turn a simple pet into a costly venture so moving to get these supplies online to get the best prices is a no brainer to many.

Additionally, there are the larger Petcos of the world that are both online and offline that probably have the brands you know you need at the prices online and off that will compete with anyone.

As you look into owning a new Macaw or a parrot or any other type of bird, know this…the expenses add up quickly. Just getting a custom bird cage online can become an event.

Having had no idea that the bird community was as strong as it, it makes me wonder what else I should probably look into as far as perception versus reality is concerned.

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