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Learn about birds of prey

When one thinks of birds of prey, the first bird that probably comes to mind is the eagle. As with all birds of prey, they are known for the large talons and beaks, and eat mice or other small animals. It is a protected bird that has slowly increased in numbers, and can be located in far more locations of the Combined States than ten years ago.

Owls are often seen passing in front of a car while looking at night, but even if they are not seen, they can often be heard. With over two hundred species of owls, one simply has to be observant to capture a glimpse of them.

Harriers are typically observed around marshes and the Kites, even though they are thought of a bird of prey, prefer a diet regime of insects. Hawks and falcons rank on the bird of prey lists, with the hawk becoming swift and rapid at landing their prey and falcons being a bird that would rather rob a nest from the neighbor, than to develop their own.

Buzzards and vultures are distinctive birds and are thought of as condors, but over the many years have normally united with their name. Far more commonly recognized are turkey buzzards due to the fact they are very generally observed on a less traveled street, gathered in a group feeding on a current road kill. These are very significant birds that look like they are a cross of a turkey and a buzzard and have bald heads.

The osprey seems a lot like an eagle and has even been referred to as a fish eagle, but not like the eagle, an osprey can go underwater to catch their prey and hold it with talons that are designed distinct from other birds, to far better grasp the meal, as they carry it back to their nest.

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