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Finch Breeding

Introduction of breeding finches is an art, learn that anyone can master over time.  Breeding finches will require the proper environment to be successful.  You should know that the breeding season begins for most of the finch in the spring.  Some species prefer a cage-placed breeding box, while others enjoy the wider spaces of an indoor or outdoor aviary.  The Basics The best time to start your breeding finches is when they are about 8 months old.  Particular finch species employ nesting arrangements unique to them. Therefore, it is important knowledge specific intention of breeding the species to increase, profit.

Use the information you gather on finch reproduction to optimize your set-up.  For example, unlike other varieties l breeding zebra finches a bit unless the farmers is because they are random.  Their nesting requirements will be more relaxed than that of Gouldian finches. Before the money out of pocket to buy a pair of breeding birds tested.  First, check out the condition of the feathers.
You should finches that have busy plumage start with a healthy glow.  Always purchase breeding finches from a reputable aviary or dealer. A successful breeding program always begins with healthy birds.

Finch breeding
is a hands-off endeavor.  The temptation is to hover anxiously near the cage technology.   But this will make the expectant couple nervous.  Worse, the couple could raise birds from the nest because the parents do not feel safe.  Give your breeding finches their space to hatch and raise their babies. The process of wild finches inhabit dry regions.   Breeding activity in the wild is often curtailed due to a limited food supply.  Finches of animals have the advantage of consuming healthy food and plenty, a basis for raising a brood of healthy chicks.

Encourage your pet finches to breed by keeping your birds warm and well nourished. This creates the ideal conditions to stimulate reproductive behavior.

Offer your pets a mixed blend of grass, millet, and canary seeds. Supply of fresh water per day.  Place food such as spinach, chickweed, and lettuce in a separate feeding bowl.  Cage-optimal conditions, encourage your finches breed in the whole of.   All finches molt in the summer.  This is a good time to give your pets a break from breeding, eliminating nests.

When breeding finches, you’ll want to maintain two cages.  Set a regular slot for a second as a breeding cage with a nest box.  And only one pair per breeding cage please! Multiple couples will most likely squabble.  E also important for the breeding cage is large enough to comfortably hold a pair.

Breeding finches‘ dietary habits are different from that of non-breeding finches.  Type breeding pairs with live food such as insects and worms.  Make sure there is a good supply of fresh seeds on-hand.  Natural foods seem to promote the best breeding results.  And then there is the dietary requirements of the youngsters, which ideally should be 100% live food. Provide adequate nesting material is crucial for breeding success.  After the clutch is complete, mom will tend the nest.  Papa will draw nest sitting duty to provide them with breaks for eating el exercise.

Eggs hatch between 12 to 18 days after laying.  Useful Tips E important to remember that if you are under stress changes finches.  This is not a good time to make changes, such as introducing a new mate.  Finch breeds enjoy aggressively over the nests of species that are less aggressive.  Society and Zebra finches are notorious nest thieves. Keep mating pairs in separate cages to avoid conflicts.  In larger aviaries, separate aggressive finches from their more timid cousins. Breeding pairs leave the chicks when the direction of the nest is exposed to the risk position.  Examples of disruptive conditions include noise and unfavorable temperatures. Make sure your pets have an undisturbed environment.


Finch breeding
is relatively easy to do.  Just take the time to learn the basics, with particular attention to the differences between the species breeding research.  

A common sense best method to maximize a successful outcome is to try and copy mother- nature.  Give the birds with the resources they would in nature and let the instincts take over.

Bird Cage – Buying tips and Tricks


In the same way fishes are created to swim and dogs walk on land, birds deserve every one of the right to set their selves on flight! In the idea of bird domestication, keeping them enclosed inside a bird cage defers their purpose and the only consolation these birds get is that they remain safe from the wildest danger and fed properly with love from other owners.


Realizing that they’re supposed to be free as birds, they must be offered the perfect accommodation, you can find never to provide them with why you should escape. Make them feel in the home with their natural habitat even at your home. Build a cage that shall provide a wide space for the bird to fly.


Go through the space offered at home. If it is big enough, you might opt to build a walk-in aviary where your birds can fly freely while not having to escape to the outside areas.  Different birds have different needs in terms of space. Birds just like the Macaws need bird cages to be at around three feet long and five feet wide. Same is true to other kinds of parrots like the Amazons, Cockatoos, African Greys and Conures. They even require bigger cages than the macaws. These parrots find it really comfortable to stay in wide spaces.


You may want to desire to consider buying cages crafted from stainless steel as these materials are easier to clean.  They are also considered more durable, since they are not easily destroyed by big birds.


It’s not that hard for one to look for a bird cage today since the magic of buying online is always a click away. There you can choose among a range of products for a pet. It is less time consuming in comparison to an actual searching where you go from store to store. Although it would also be a great experience since when you go to stores personally, you are readily oriented by how the item looks like and compare them from other brands right there and then. You won’t have problems on shipping process and delivery charges either since you could have the product directly after you paid it. If you would plan to build something original for your personal pet bird, you might create a customized cage at home. Buy all materials and conceptualize a design for it. If you decide to own a parrot, anticipate a lot of work to do as these birds actually require wider spaces. Get some help and work with the rest of your family on a weekend. This could be a great experience for family bonding and enjoyment. 


What You Need In Incubating Eggs

It is obviously a hard thing to do to incubate eggs. However, doing this is also a exciting thing to do. The complete key to doing this is to have the best incubator. It is not suggestible to develop your own incubator despite the fact that you could construct yourself one. The ideal thing you can do is obtain an incubator as they have been proven to operate really well and are way better than do-it-yourself incubators. Having said this, however, there are numerous things that you need to take into consideration in acquiring an incubator the next time you go shopping at the mall.

There is no need to invest in the most pricey and most refined incubator available in town. Even a standard incubator for chicken that has a very good egg tray and air vents will be good. You do not really need the “Chick Maker 9000.” Additionally, to sustain the conditions crucial for your eggs to hatch is the most essential thing that you can do.

It is a must that you look up all the information you can on the variety of poultry you are going to be hatching before you go out and purchase an incubator. For example, you must turn a classic chicken three times every day for the first eighteen days, and it takes twenty days to hatch. When you have this information, it will really pay off when you monitor your eggs process. 

It is highly suggestible that you consult someone who is an experienced chicken breeder for the reason that he or she has been around eggs and incubators for rather some time. He or she will be able to provide you with fantastic advice, and since it will be in person he or she can help you with any predicaments that books and/or websites cannot.

As time has gone by, people have become more modern creating better and better incubators with decorative and sophisticated additions. These additions, for some people, are no longer vital and sometimes that perplex especially the beginners. Feel free to get a better incubator that could save you a lot of time if you have already hatched a couple of batches of chickens and if you are already a veteran.

It is indispensable to know both the humidity and the heat within the incubator while incubating your eggs. There is a chance that the chick inside the egg could get killed if it is scorching. If it is warm ample then it could slow down growth and also could kill the chicken. Humidity tells how much moisture the chick is able to get and how they are also nortured. 

There is a need for an incubator to have air vents so that the air inside does not turn stale. Just make sure that these air vents are not blocked, and that they are pretty major in order for significant quantity of air can pass through them. Your eggs will die if there are no air vents. Similar to humans, eggs do breathe and turn overheated. With all these tips you have, you are now prepared to get a ideal incubator and commence growing your flock.

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Aviary Bird Cage That Is Best For Your Pet

Having a personal aviary bird cage is very innovative and a very spacious area for your pet bird to live in. Be sure that when you are deciding on the length of the cage, toys and frills will not take too much space from the cage that belongs to your pet bird. Most cages are very much suitable but there are some that choose to have the rectangular and square shaped cages rather than the spherical one. upkeep for these bird cages should be at least twice a week in order to keep the area free from dust and wastes.

If you go for indoor aviary bird cage, a quick decontamination and disinfection is vital. Ceramic tiles top the list of best picked form of flooring for aviary cages, while linoleum is the next best selection. For cages constructed indoors, air flow through exhaust fan and air filters is essential to avoid build-up of dust, fumes, and dirt inside the cage. It must also be located on a cemented floor to obtain a sturdy basis and steer clear of falls due to weak base. If you religiously observe this, you will be assured to rear a healthy and balanced pleased bird.

For outdoor cages, dirt and wastes are most likely to comprise specifically on concrete floors. And bear in mind that if there is dirt and bird waste, parasite and bacterial growth follows. Placing your pet outdoors would need you to set up right safety from unwanted attacks from lurking and stray animals. This should also be able to protect your bird from climate changes. A dish with water is placed at the bottom of the cage for your pet’s bathing and playing purposes, which they adore to do.

Housing a huge bird or a minimum of 5 smaller birds would require a bigger sized bird cage; that is its main objective. If you have a greater cage, the happier your bird will be.

You don’t essentially have to have to be an expert when it comes to picking the excellent cage for your bird. All you need is to look at the safety and overall consolation of your bird. And with the support of today’s technology, it will be easier for you to look for the suitable cage. With all these tips, you will give your bird the ideal fulfilling life any bird would delight in.

If you are obtaining cages online, be sure the seller delivers free shipping of item considering that large cages cost more because of the nature of its size. If you need to get the best bird cage, visit to see the most affordable bird cages for sale today!

Why Bantams Are Great Chickens for Your Backyard

All across the globe, Bantams have grown in acceptance for some time. Its name was taken from a significant seaport in one of the cities in Indonesia. The sailors that have been in and out of the port have been very impressed with this breed, which elevated its attractiveness even more. There came a time that Marco Polo wrote this in one of his journals.

Known to be active in nature, they are mostly seen looking for food to eat, and actively cleaning its plumage. They make use of their beaks to clean and arrange their feathers and place these on its rightful places. To smoothen it further, oil is spread all over.

Bantams have really grown in recognition in terms of backyard rearing and show purposes. The latter may be because of the main cause that these creatures possess exotic looking patterns and feather colors. Ideal for smaller backyards, Bantams are also able to lay eggs that are about ½ to 1/3 the measurement of the standard sized eggs. Usually, they eat the same food as the other breeds, but if are free range, they might choose to appreciate insects and vegetation rather than grains. But for some explanation, such as lack of foraging areas, these chickens are fed with grains particularly in industrial situations.

Among the people from the United States and United Kingdom, Bantam roosters are very preferred. This might be because of its comic and intense nature. These birds are also called ‘Banty’ among the residents in the non-urban areas.

Well-known for hatching and brooding, Bantam hens are also really protective in nature which is why the success rate in rearing any eggs hatched. There a lot of people who appreciate much on the fun and benefits brought about by raising Bantam chickens. However, other breeds are also valuable in terms of egg and meat manufacturing. You might want to be extra careful when letting these chickens have free range because this will put your flock at danger. You must protect your chickens as much as possible, especially with a very nosy personality and always wandering off. Place some wire mesh fence to shield your flock. Considering a wire mesh fence on top will do safeguard them from traveling by air predators.

Choosing Bantams as backyard chickens is one enjoyable activity for you and your family. This certain breed can offer benefits the complete family can delight in. Raising these creatures will require only a little sized backyard compared to larger sized breeds in order to be profitable with such endeavour.

If you want to have bantam chickens for your backyard, visit today!

Things You Should Know About Pet Parrot Cages

It is known to many that parrots are great animals to have at home basically because of its fun colors and interesting way of mimicking various voices and sounds. Children do enjoy having them at home. But it’s not all the time fun and excitement; the noise may bother you for the next weeks to come.

Following are some of the things you ought to know about parrots before you get into a pet shop and purchase one for yourself. Parrots are quite pricey, so when you get one right now, you will have to take care of it; so deliberate on this first very carefully.

1. Noise may be problem

For the first few weeks, mimicries are fun to listen but what about the next weeks to come? Will you be able to bear the noise it can produce? For people who are very irritable and those who want peace and quiet most of the time, parrots are not for you. The bigger the bird the louder the noise will be. And it does not give out musical type of sound like the other birds do.

Interestingly, it can scream for about 5-15 minutes twice a day. This may even cause complaints to flood in your doorsteps from your neighbors.

2. Parrots enjoy just about anything

A wooden toy is great to keep parrots busy chewing but it can’t tell if it’s already your priceless wooden furniture it’s enjoying.

Wooden furniture is not even enough for parrots; it can chew and scratch on anything it gets contact with such as electric wires, papers, books, computer, wallpaper and your clothes. Keep an eye on your pet parrot so it won’t destroy your priceless items at home.

3. Parrots do bite and scratch

Just like some animals, parrots can also cause injury through its bite and claws. Parakeets may appear small but even these birds do bite. And the result isn’t just a small scratch; it can be a major cut on the skin.

In some instances, small bones are broken due to parrots biting hard enough out of fear. These doesn’t imply that parrots are dangerous birds; it is because it feels threatened by unfamiliar faces and people who it hasn’t got use to be with. In effect, it displays the defense mechanism of biting off the threat away to keep itself safe and secured from further harm and danger.

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Choosing the Best Backyard Chicken Breeds

For those who are aspiring to be chicken raisers at home, you’ll surely be delighted to know that there are a variety of chicken breeds to select from. You can pick according to your preference and depending also to one’s needs.

There are actually hundreds of domesticated chooks across the globe. Some breeds are even have well-developed features and behaviors due to the cross-breeding course of action which involves specific types of breeds. And the birds’ adaptation to its environment also affects its well-being.

Factors that differentiate one breed from the other are the size, plumage color, comb type, color of skin, number of toes, color of earlobes and eggs, feathering, and the geographical origin of the bird. These birds can even be further categorized according to main purpose –eggs or meat production, or for show purposes. Some may even be categorized as dual-purpose.

The prevalent denominator among the chicken is that it lays eggs and edible meat as well. They appear to be very special with its features that are commonly seen among their unique breed. The uniqueness may be a consequence of the cross-development in order to highlight traits. All chicken breeds may be used for agricultural needs and ornamental purposes at some degree, but each breed has its main use.

Egg-producing chickens

Chickens falling under this category are normally light in weight and have good character. Some of the egg-producing breeds are Ancona, Ameraucana, Andalusian, Araucana, Jaerhone, and Easter Egger.

Meat-producing chickens

For the people who want to produce meat from healthy chickens, they choose to raise dual-purpose breeds that actually produce eggs and meat all together. This category includes Bresse, Ixworth and Indian Game (or Cornish) chicken breeds.

Dual-purpose chickens

As mentioned, dual-purpose chicken breeds are those that produce both eggs and edible meat for consumption. You can see these chickens in farms and backyards. Some breeds may be better in either egg or meat production than the other ones, but all together, they are considered as dual-purpose breeds. Australorp, Braekel, Brahma, California Gray, Derbyshire Redcap, Faverolles, Chanticleer, and the Jersey Giant are the common breeds falling under this category.

Game, Exhibition, and Show chickens

For a long time now, chickens for game, exhibition and show have been a great influence in the development of chicken breeds. The common breeds under this category are American Game G, Asil G, Appenzeller U, Barbu de Watermael, Bearded d’Anvers and Beardedd’Uccle varieties.

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The Fundamentals You Ought To Know About Parrot Cages

Many people nowadays are into selling bird cages because pet birds are growing in popularity. Cages come in various colors and designs for you to select from. But the thing about bird cages is that not all types can suit all bird breeds. There are some birds that prefer to live in bird cages specially designed for them.

Safety is the primary and most important thing you must take into consideration when buying a cage for your bird. Selecting the right kind of cage is not an easy thing to do since there are a couple of insights you need to know first prior to actual purchase.

These cages aren’t all that cheap. Sometimes, you’ll need to spend more in order for you to gain the best there is. There is no knowing what your cage will end up like if you go for the cheap ones. With quality made products, you are assured to have a durable and long lasting item; it will also save you a lot of expenses from cage repair or purchasing a new cage because the previous one was damaged. For durable cages, stainless steel is the best material to consider. It lasts long and doesn’t easily bend.

Cages that are made of some typical material other than stainless steel easily rust and in turn may cause health hazards for your parrot. You wouldn’t risk your bird’s life, would you? Rusty bars can lead to metal poisoning which your bird can ingest. So keep your parrot safe from any of these health hazards by having the stainless steel bird cage.

Even and correct spacing of the cage bars is very important because this will prevent your bird from easily squeezing in between bars and flying out into the open. Some may have its heads stuck in between and lead to injury.

It’s important to note that the cage size must be perfect for the size and comfort of your bird. For a parrot, flying from one side of the cage to the other is fun. So it is advisable to have the width of the cage proportionate to the height. Doors are installed for easy access in and out of the cage.

Cages with litter boxes are preferred by many for it offers convenience when it comes to cleaning. For a healthy living bird, all the tips above must be kept in mind and religiously followed.

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Parrot Cages

Just before you deliver your new feathered friend home, you need to obtain a tough bird cage for your new pet. Even if you plan on the bird being out of its cage most of the day, most pet birds spend the majority of their life in their cage. A bird also needs a resting place to settle in when nighttime falls around. You first need to take into consideration the size of the bird and the size needed for its bird cage.

If your pet bird is a parrot, the standard guideline is that its parrot cage should be big enough so that your bird can totally stretch out its wings during adulthood. Smaller birds, like parakeets, enjoy to climb, jump, and fly around their cage, so a extra tall and wide cage that is a lot larger than your bird ought to be purchased. Guarantee that the bar spacing on the cage is not too wide for your unique bird. Finches are incredibly very small pet birds and will fit simply through the bars of a parrot cage. If you have purchased a bird cage and your bird looks squashed or depressing in it, it is almost certainly a great strategy to glance for a greater cage.

The door on any bird cage needs to be big enough so that you can get your hand in to either refill food and water bowls or to pet the bird. The door needs to be large so that your bird can enter and exit the cage with ease. Bird cages that are sq. or rectangular are best to clean but may look the plainest. There are bird cages accessible that are shaped like small houses. Even though these are cute, the elaborate curves of the structure may show more difficult to clear than plainly formed cages. Soon after you have successfully purchased the right cage for your bird, make sure to preserve it clean and tidy. Your pet bird will give thanks to you for giving it a spacious and clean place to reside and thrive.

Where to Find Cheap Bird Cages


There are so many pet lovers all over the world and these individuals habitually buy stuff for their pets. For example, a bird owner will have to buy their bird a bird cage. A lot of people already have experienced this kind of process. After they see a new bird cage they come right out and purchase especially if it’s an economical one without even having a second thought of what they are doing.


Indeed, buying a less expensive bird cage is actually a good plan but, there are various things that should be taken into consideration in doing so. It is also important to find an authorized dealer that sells bird cages and be sure that these dealers won’t cut you off.


Consider purchasing from exceptionally respected pet supply dealers who trade all variety of bird cages and bird supplies.


For those who are interested in buying a cost-effective bird cage, go to a pet store that is dependable, one that offers a wide selection of bird cages. For your time to search, you will even find those that sell bird cages of high quality but at very competitive prices. You will also find many different kinds of bird cages that vary in different sizes including small, medium and large. If you’re a frequent traveler, and you want to bring along your feathered pet with you, it is possible to also get flight cages from these stores which will allow you to go on trips along with your birds. Furthermore, you can actually avail play stand, pet steps and aviaries from them.


It is tremendously significant to select a bird’s cage that is suitable for the bird. Getting a bird cage that suits your bird can help ensure that they will feel absolutely happy living inside their cage. Also it is essential that you’ll purchase a reasonably priced bird cage that is easy to clean since most of the time many bird owners spend a lot of their time cleaning their bird’s cage. It should be the kind of cage that will save you a lot of time and trouble in the long run. Choose something that has a tray in the bottom that can be easily pulled out so it is possible to just dump it out and clean it.


In choosing a cage for the bird, remember all the time that it should also fit the style of your room. Nobody likes to choose a bird cage that would also look cheap and odd inside your home. Make sure that your bird cage won’t turn into a blot on the landscape.


The worth of putting these things into consideration is often a good plan but in the end, it is always good to check everything first, do your research so that you can be able to make an informed decision once you shop for an affordable bird cage.


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