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Parrot Cages- How to decide

Parrots can be the most amazing pets to own. They are very intelligent animals and fantastic to have as pets. However when you have a parrot it is a good idea to know all about parrot care, or you could end up with a problem parrot on your hands. When you first get your parrot first things first is getting the ideal Parrot cage. This is not something you just go oh that looks good I will have it. You really need to make sure it fits in with your lifestyle, you decor and most important it suits your parrot. You also need to make sure that you are fully equipped with the knowledge to train him/her and make them into a member of your family – but this can be easier said than done.

First lets’ look at getting the perfect cage. Buy a spacious cage, it should have enough room for your parrot to fly. They really love flying and you can also buy Parrot T-stands and Parrot Playgrounds so your parrot can have a little fun in its life. You must consider where you will be placing your cages, you can get big ones, small ones, corner ones. So really think before you buy as to what size.

You should also make sure the spaces between the bars are adequate size for your bird not too big and not too small. You do not want your parrot to be able to get out, nor do you want your parrot to get stuck between the bars. I must say most cages have great spacing but just check the cheaper models as they can have larger spacing or flimsy bars that the parrot can just break. I told you they are intelligent animals. Your cage should be made from stainless steel as this will not brake, rust or bend. Try to avoid cages that have painted bars, powder coating is fine but just normal paint is not as your parrot will just chip away at it and it can be toxic.

Your Parrot Cage should have a sliding tray underneath so this makes cleaning easy, as all you need to do is pull the tray out and clean up the tray and slide it back in. Where the water and food goes they should have sliding doors for easy access, so you do not have to open the main door all the time and risk your parrot escaping. Also make sure it has a perch and if big enough it should have several, they love to move around a lot. Also things like mirrors in the Bird Cage as they do love themselves and will talk quicker as they think they are talking to another parrot.

Tame and Train Your Parrot – Take Polly From Predator to Polite

Parrots are superb pets. You may quickly locate that these birds incredibly smart and their capability to comprehend make them fun to teach. Remember that any animal that shows signs of high intelligence can quickly get bored, so your job is to train your puppy parrot and invest the time it usually requires to generate your hen into a superb puppy. It usually requires time and patience to practice a parrot, but with the correct training, your parrot will present you with quite a few years of friendship.

You may practice your parrot once you observe a couple of measures. Whenever “school is in” in your parrot, it truly is usually best to remove your parrot from his or her cage and practice inside a modest quiet space. Your parrot is much more likely to stay attentive and retain details when it really is in a new environment. The subsequent thing you might need to do, remove all distractions within your home. If your parrot becomes distracted in the course of teaching, it’ll not discover effectively. That implies that you need to turn off the radio, tv and maybe even the telephone. Also, remember that parrots are a great deal like youngsters. They’ve short interest spans, so brief training sessions are suggested.

In addition, try to plan your parrot’s training time around their schedule, not yours. After mealtime is at all times, a great time for training since your parrot will be content material and will pay interest. Your parrot will also appreciate lots of reward. Even when you come across that you were not very prosperous, do not let your parrot see your stress levels rise. This makes it an unpleasant encounter in your fowl and you’ll possess a harder time finding your parrot interested in studying in the future.

When you might be prepared to teach your parrot a new trick, your puppy parrot will react nicely to treats and reward. Remember that all animals react superior to reward than punishment. Attempt to prevent punishing your parrot, even if he or she is acting naughty. Ignoring this conduct is your very best bet when instruction your puppy parrot. Parrots usually do not fully grasp punishment or negative reinforcement. In fact, should you respond to your parrot’s bad habits, your pet may actually see this as constructive consideration. Keep in mind that though your parrot will enjoy food treats as rewards, try and accentuate the positive and encourage great conduct with plenty of praise and play time. Otherwise, your parrot may perhaps only carry out the methods you would like them to when some sort of foods reward is available.

Repetition may be the key to successfully education your puppy parrot. Repeating these simple actions repeatedly till your dog “gets” the trick is the very best way to train your parrot to carry out. This works effectively for standard commands and advanced methods. If you might have just gotten your pet parrot, begin out with extremely easy methods, such as teaching your parrot to sit on your finger on command. Find a word for each trick and use it every and every time you prepare. Most of all, by no means force your parrot to train. In case you uncover your parrot is tired or uninterested, then cease and strive again one more time.

As your parrot learns much more command and methods, you may start moving your instruction session closer and nearer to the bird’s cage. As they get greater at their new skill, they will really feel comfortable performing in his or her cage and within the hustle and bustle of the household. Birds locate out easily in most instances, and sometimes just by listening when not in coaching, which may effectively cause embarrassment to you if they uncover out some thing inappropriate.  

Coaching a parrot requires a good deal of time and patience. You have to enjoy your chook and have lots of time and dedication to make this partnership worthwhile. With patient training and love, you finish up with a brilliant and well-behaved pet that may be with you for a very long time to come.  

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