• Why Birds as Pets!!!! June 27, 2011
    Birds as pets are far different from pets as dogs and cats. Still keeping birds can be very rewarding and entertaining. Instead of keeping them in small cages they should be kept in large ones to provide space for them to fly. Rather than keeping four legged pets, birds are far more beneficial. Birds are […]
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    If you’re planning to build a backyard coop, you may want to think about building a mobile chicken coop instead.  It has got a lot of advantages; some of which are enumerated below.   Why a mobile coop?   Mobile chicken houses are simple build, easy to wash and lessens possible issues due to constantly […]
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Build a Chicken Coop the Way You Want

A Chicken Coop is constructed for chickens and other poultry birds so that they can have shelter and food without having any disturbance of external beings. Internally they have perches for the hens to sleep and also have nest like structures to lay eggs. Interior and exterior floor of the chicken coop is frequently covered with a material, for instance straw or wood chips, to contain the chicken waste and also helps in easier cleanup of the chicken coop. Some kind of ventilation is also provided. Typically chicken coops stinks when building a chicken coop and you’ll need to make sure that some designing rules are followed to assemble a backyard chicken coop.

Backyard Chicken coops are smaller coops built with chicken wire. There will be ample space for the chickens to roam, peck, and hunt insects. All type of freedom is offered to chickens even whilst they’re in our fenced area. There are chicken tractors built making sure that the chicken coop is mobile and free to carry or move anywhere. Quite a few persons, specifically in rural areas, retain a small flock of chickens to offer themselves with meat and eggs, as sustenance livestock, rather than wholly commercial benefit.

A growing quantity of persons retain chickens in the urban environments as well. You’ll find chicken coops specially designed for urban environments with much less space, and less of a utilitarian style. In urban settings, you will discover separate rules which regulate backyard farming of livestock. For instance, in Oakland, California one cannot even own a rooster, and hens. They should remain twenty feet from dwellings, schools and churches.

You will discover lot of websites which aids you to construct chicken coops of little, medium and large size, depending on the quantity of chickens as well as the location where the chicken needs to be kept. Alongside, people interested in poultry farming subscribe to monthly magazines, which completely deal with the chickens, their coops, their hygiene along with the cleanliness you need to follow in the coops, in order that chickens will not be haunted by any kind of diseases.

Simple Measures To Get Pocket Friendly Bird Food

Bird owners have probably noticed how expensive the bird feed for their beloved pet can be. Bird food is usually costly and can seriously put a dent in your budget. However, you don’t always have to spend lots of money on the right food for your bird. Here we look at a few simple recommendations to get a good deal on bird food.

One of the best ways by which you save on your bird food costs is by purchasing it in bulk. Bulk buying is sometimes less expensive, particularly in the case of products like bird food. Most people tend to buy small packets of bird food when they need it. While this is undeniably more convenient, bulk purchasing is more cost-effective. You can buy bird food in bulk from wholesale markets in your locality.

However, bulk purchasing of bird food incorporates its own share of problems too. One difficulty that bulk buying poses is the issue of easy storage. The most acceptable option to store the bird food is the plastic boxes which come in the galvanized form. Also make sure that you use only the air tight and water proof containers. This could forestall the moisture from entering the container and hence will not spoil the food in any way. Additionally store your food in an extremely dry and cool place.

Purchasing bird food online is another measure you can take to keep the costs down. Surfing thru the web will show you that online suppliers sell bird food at a much lesser price then their offline competition. This is because the net shops do not have to cope with the default costs of a store. While you will continue to pay shipping charges, the price will sometimes come to a lot less then what you would have had to shell out had you purchased it from a pet shop. Do check out more then one pet food site before zeroing in on any specific provider to compare costs and product quality.

You can also save cash spent on bird food by curbing wastage. Try to determine whether you’re filling the feeders too often. Also, when birds are given food at too frequent intervals, they have an inclination to spill over the further portion. So do not fill the feeder for 1 or 2 days. This could inspire your bird to eat the additional food which has fallen within the cage floor.

Growing bird food is another excellent way to save on bird food. Try growing sunflowers. They don’t simply make your garden look beautiful but also give you reasonable bird food. The head of the seeds can be employed as bird food. While you get to save on bird food, your pet bird gets to enjoy some delightful seeds.

You needn’t make your pet bird starve. Just try these straightforward tips and you are bound to keep yourself as well as your pet bird happy.

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Why Pick a Quaker Bird As a Pet?

There are pets like dogs and cats and then there are pets which are not actually common. Anyone that looks for a pet which will not make a mess all round the house and can take glorious care of itself when required, may consider taking in a bird as a pet. Among birds, there are various options available but the Quaker bird is one which is an excellent choice. Below are some reasons why you would want to keep a Quaker bird as pet.

If you like beautiful things, then you have all the reasons in the world to have a Quaker bird as a pet. Colored in wonderful green, these birds are one of the most visually appealing creatures to have as pet. To add to it, they have blue feathers and are colored gray on the face and the chest. Their strange mix of colors make them very attractive. Nowadays, you even have the choice to choose between yellow, blue and white Quaker birds.

It’s not only the striking looks of the Quaker bird which makes it a must pet. Quaker birds also sport a particularly dynamic personality. It makes for the ultimate pet because of its acceptable nature. A Quaker bird can simply intermingle with the family and if trained correctly can become used to the ways of the family. Similarly, the bird fits into the slot of a companion and can become a very loyal pet. All that’s required is perfect training and in no time the Quaker bird is all set to respond to your queries with the right answers. The mild and the charming ways of the Quaker bird can simply take your heart away.

Regardless of the pet you plan to own, you need to be awfully careful about the food you give to your pet. The same applies for the Quaker bird also, but this bird pet eases a lot of concerns associated with the diet. Since it is not a fussy eater, you don’t have to worry about what to feed it with. Quaker birds do well with some fresh fruits and veg. You may also give them seeds, grains, pastas and legumes. Make sure that you avoid giving them avocado, rhubarb, caffeine, chocolate or alcohol.

Another important thing that people consider when they bring in a pet is the lifetime of the pet. This is one point that makes the Quaker bird a great choice. As of now, the average life-span of a Quaker bird is accepted to be anywhere between twenty to 30 years. As opposed to this, you’ll generally run across pets which don’t have such long life spans. Dogs, as an example, live just above ten years, cats generally live 7 years.

With all these reasons, you sure would be missing out on something if you do not own a Quaker bird as a pet.

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Know More About Bird Feeding Misconceptions

Feeding animals or birds makes for a pleasant experience, where you offer food to your furry and feathery chums. Many people like to indulge in bird feeding in particular. However, they’re commonly unaware about the truth behind specific myths revolving around it. Here we take a look at some of the universal misconceptions associated with bird feeding plus the real facts behind them.

One of the most usual bird feeding misconceptions is that feeding makes birds dependent on handouts. Nevertheless, this is not true. Even if a bird constantly visits his feeder for his every day feed, that doesn’t make for his complete feed. A recent study suggests that the food given out by feeders just makes for the 25% of a bird’s regular feed. So, once you’ve fed the bird, he will still reach out to other wild sources of food.

The next in line myth in this regard, is that rice isn’t convenient for birds. It’s frequently said that feeding rice to the bird may be disastrous for the birds. It can pave way to swelling in birds which in turn could prove to be deadly too. However, the fact is quite contrary as rice is very good for the birds. It in fact aids in meeting the nutritional needs of the birds to a great degree. Any sort of rice, cooked, uncooked, leftovers can well serve the aim of feed for the birds.

Peanut butter has been a no-no on the list of bird food for many. Nevertheless, this too isn’t anything but a big myth. Many individuals refrain from feeding peanut butter to the birds thinking that it will get trapped in the throat of the bird and could therefore contribute to problems like suffocation and choking. Nevertheless, here too the reality is in stark contrast; as peanut butter is excellent for the birds in every sense. It’s totally enjoyed and relished by the majority of the bird species in terms of flavor. Also, it additionally fulfills the nutritional requirement of the birds by providing calories and fats in generous amounts. A few birds which favor peanut butter as feed are woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees and jays. In case you discover peanut butter too sticky and thereby difficult to feed, you could include some cornmeal to it to make it crumbly.

Most people also believe that bird feed never goes bad. This myth as with others is completely false and like any other food, bird feed can also go bad. The odds of bird food decay are considerably raised if it is not kept correctly. The seeds tend to dry out if kept for a extended time and hence lose their nutritive powers. So, you must make a calculated attempt to keep bird feed stored correctly by keeping it in a cool and dry place.

Dispose of these misconceptions and go on with your love affair with birds.

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An Understanding Of Various Types Of Parrots

When it comes to pets, dogs form the perfect choice for one and all. However, in case you’re not very fond of dogs, you have the choice of having parrots as pets. Parrots are vibrant, chirpy, simple to keep and most importantly interesting to be with. In case you want parrots as pet, there are various varieties available. All you have to do is always to take your pick from several kinds of parrots and you will definitely have a playful companion for life.

First and foremost parrot species favored by many is the Amazon parrot. In contrast to other parrot species that are small in size, this one comes in medium and large dimensions. This green colored parrot species has a dash of yellow and red color on its tail, wings and occasionally on its head too. This chirpy, talkative, parrot is well known for having a loud and shrill voice. If you are searching for a quiet parrot as pet, don’t bring home this species.

An additional preferred parrot type are the Macaws. This is the largest variety of parrots. Macaws are chirpy and mischievous. They’re sure to keep you entertained all the time, helping you stay happy and stress free. Devote some time teaching them how to speak and they’re bound to get all chatty. The only downside to this parrot species is that they have a strong beak and could harm many items in the house.

Parakeets are yet another preferred parrot kind. The color of these parrots is comparable to that of a leaf. These are the quietest of all the parrot species. So, if you don’t like a lot of of noise at home, then parakeets are a brilliant option. While this parrot variety is the quietest of the lot, they ought to not be mistaken as dull and boring. Rather, they are very lively and social. They engage well and make for a brilliant companion.

If looks is the prime criteria for you in selection of parrots as pet, Conures are certainly the ideal pick for you. Conures are native of South Africa and are regarded to be very active and joyous species. This parrot species is known for its beauty and vibrancy. This bird is available in different color combinations comprising of bright orange and glittering yellow. With such atypical vibrant appearance, this one is definitely the most visually enticing and alluring of all parrot species.

Loverbirds are still another parrot type that’s native to Africa. This parrot species is kept as pairs. Unlike other varieties of parrots, this one doesn’t gel well with humans. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t gel well with other parrot species either. They also make sounds at high pitches which can be pretty irritating. So, ensure that you think well ahead of choosing them as your pet.

Parrots make for a great pet. Go for any of the aforementioned types and you’re certain to have the best addition into the family.

Many Types of Bird House Kits are Available

One great way to seduce birds to your backyard paradise is by providing them with a prosperous nest in which they would definitely continue returning. Believe it or not, there are bird houses that are already made and there are bird house kits which could be advantageously assembled on your own. However, if you are skillful with working on crafts, you could easily create one simply from any materials that are available around your house.

Bird house kits are a lot of fun and some of them are very, very elaborate. Therefore, If you are in any way thinking to use a bird house kit, the main thing to think about is just how you are to use a bird house kit. Do you want the bird house is to be used as a fixture in your own yard? Or do you want the bird house to be portable so that you can move it around your yard, or perhaps even take it with you when you move? Do you have any kind of idea on the specific bird types that you plan to attract? A much different house is needed for hummingbirds as opposed to barn swallows. If so, you should therefore have an advanced plan as to what types of bird seeds or feeds to use.

There are also many types of bird house kits that cater to many types of birds. There are those bird house kits that are created for specific type birds. There are also others that are for a lot of birds. There are bird house kits that could be hung while there are also others which could be mounted on a post or a fence.

The fact of the matter is that giving yourself appropriate time and effort in planning way ahead will eventually make your bird house making experience a lot more satisfying. However, if you are planning to buy a kit that is ready to be assembled, the wood to be used will then be already cut and measured.

Also included in the kits are the hardware. The holes for the bird house are also pre-cut. Another good thing is that the holes for mounting it are also pre-made. These kits are also made by and large from cedar wood as this type is resistant to weather.

Take note whether the bird house kit’s surfaces are either primed or rough, ready to have a paint finish. The good thing about this is that painting it is extremely fun. There are colors you could choose wherein you could go for simple or those that easily attract birds – like a paint job that is a lot fancier.

Believe it or not, these kits could also be made as easily by kids. Therefore, building one could be a very interesting project which kids could easily finish in one session. This also works for cub scout groups or for your grandchildren. You could even make them and give them out as presents during Christmas!

What you need are basically the following things: (take note that this is usually available in lumber yards or in your local home improvement shops) boards that measure 1 X 6, boards that measure 1 X 8, one box of five penny nails, exterior paint (either brown, white, green) that is preferable made of latex for the purpose of making it easy to wash using water, a disposable cheap paintbrush for every bird house kit, a wire single heavy strand, hammers for kids (the less than three dollars kind) for those children who may have forgotten theirs.

All in all, making a bird house is easy as long as you put your mind to it. The significant thing of course is for you to enjoy what you are doing and the rest is simply a walk in the park. Nothing really beats seeing your finished project hanging on a tree somewhere with lovely birds nesting innocently on your creation. It brings unquestionable pride for you especially for anyone – especially kids – who may have a part on the making whether you used a pre-made bird house kit or made one from scratch.

Pet Transport: All You Need To Know

Hiring a pet transport company for pet relocation service is the best for people or families who are relocating, not for those going on vacation. These companies will ship your pet any time of the year.

By hiring a pet transport shipping provider you can focus on the details of the move rather than worrying about moving your pet. Trying to move your pet by yourself can be stressful and even dangerous for your pet. There are two main ways to transport your pet: by ground or by air.

For Ground Transport:
If you choose to drive to your destination without your dog, cat, bird, or reptile, you should make arrangements with a pet transporter (preferably one that is USDA-licensed.) Many pet transport companies offer a choice between moving your pet privately (with no other animals on board), or having it ride in the truck or van with other pets. The U.S. Department of Agriculture requires that transported pets have enough room to sit up, move around and stretch out. When choosing a kennel for your pet, add 6 inches to its length and height. Make sure the kennel is roomy enough to accommodate your pet but not too big as to avoid being charged for a larger kennel than is needed.

Animal Transport Health Documentation
The pet transport company will want to see a veterinarian-signed certificate of good health within a month of departure. Proof of rabies vaccination will also be required. You will have to sign a form authorizing emergency care for your pet should it be necessary. The pet mover might also ask for proof of Bordetella treatment.

Necessary Supplies
Make sure you have packed enough food for your animal in baggies and label them with your pet’s name. Many companies will supply a leash for exercising your pet but don’t expect them to have a properly fitted collar for your animal. Check with your transporter to make sure supplies such as water, toys, treats and beds for your pet are on hand.

Make sure you go over all the charges that you will be responsible for in transporting your pet, such as kennel cost, mileage fees, supplies, fees for late delivery, cancellation, etc.

For Air Transport:
If you choose to ship your pet by air, you can either choose an airline animal company or make arrangements directly with the airline. Today, as more airlines are enhancing their security, people are turning to professional pet movers to take care of the details.

Health Documentation
Just as with ground transport of a pet, the company will want to see a veterinarian-signed certificate of good health within a month of departure. Proof of rabies vaccination will also be required. You will have to sign a form authorizing emergency care for your pet should it be necessary.

The pet mover might also ask for proof of Bordetella treatment. Make sure all the health paperwork is in order so as to avoid having your pet quarantined.

Your pet should NOT be shipped if it is…less than 8 weeks old-old, ill or injured, aggressive or intolerant of strangers, unaccustomed to being in a crate, a pug or snub nosed (which are prone to medical emergencies) – prohibited either by the airline or by the shipping destination.

Several airlines will not ship American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, English Bulldogs, American Bulldogs or French Bulldogs.

Make sure you understand all the fees involved: shipping kennels, fees, rentals, food and incidentals.

Of course you’ll want the quickest route to the destination. Non-stop flights are the best. Find out how your company can confirm loading, transfers from flight to flight and arrival at destination. Ask if you company provides rest stops for your pet on long trips or where connections may cause a long layover

How to Build a Chicken Run

A great number of folks know that chickens need day-to-day physical exercise, access to fresh air and a lot of light for a high-quality surroundings. The chicken run should be component of the living environment for chickens that are not residing on a free-range during the day. On the other hand, chicken runs need to be safe from predators. Make certain you arrange for secure fencing and high quality components when you find out how to build a chicken run.

Chickens need at least 10 square feet each for the outdoor space.They should have good access from the chicken house. Protect the chicken run with the following safeguards:

Step #1

Construct the run as an addition to the coop house. Sink wire encircling the outline of the house about 1 foot deep, and at an angle facing into the coop so wildlife can’t dig under the fence to access the chickens.

Step #2

Invest in excellent quality components that allow for protection from predators. Sink 2×4″ posts approximately 6-12″ deep at intervals and fasten fencing safely and securely. Hardware mesh is better as fencing for the simple reason that animals can’t squeeze through it or bend the wire.

Step #3

Put in a latch that locks on the door of the chicken coop and on the gate of the chicken run. Wild animals can simply unlock typical garden style latches of a gate, so obtain one that can’t be interfered with.

Step #4

Put in a security light outside when building a chicken run.A well lit light stimulated by the motion detector will often be sufficient to discourage away a predator.

Step #5

Wild animals have figured out to be afraid of mankind for good reason. Gather hair from your hairbrush and insert it in a cloth container or pillowcase.Then, hang the pillowcase outside the fence of the chicken run. The scent of the human hair will discourage off prey from even getting close to the chicken coop.

Hens will need some additional protection that you can easily provide. There is nothing more painful than coming out in the morning to find out the remains of an attack on the hen house. Nevertheless, don’t let your concern of predators limit your chicken’s activity and accessibility to the outdoors.

Your chickens will be happier and more productive with space to roam. By providing a basic outdoor yard with a few defensive elements you will ensure you have healthy chickens and a high quantity of eggs.

Researching how to build a chicken run takes time but it is not difficult to build onto your existing plans. You can add this on to your existing chicken coop plans, included in examples found when you buy Chicken DIY Guides.Remember not to overcrowd the chickens and to keep up the fencing routinely.

Get The Best Coverage With A Cheap Pet Insurance Quote

Well being insurance for pets makes financial sense for a lot of pet owners. For other people the monthly premiums can really cost a lot more than veterinary expenditures. But what if an emergency takes place? How do I establish if it will save me cash? Where can I assess pet insurance coverage? Corporations offering veterinary puppy health trupanion pet insurance plans have become a well-established element from the dog care industry. These businesses provide insurance plan for all sorts of animals, which includes dogs, cats, birds and even exotics. You will find a variety of unique health insurance alternatives available to you being a bird owner and quite a few are customizable.

Get a FREE Embrace Pet Insurance Quote

But, the expense of month-to-month premiums improve as you customize plans and include additional insurance coverage. So is bird health and fitness insurance truly worth it? The solution demands that you take a close view at veterinary charges and confront the health and fitness dangers of your pet. Most pet wellness insurance policies corporations will not reimburse you for routine care. Other people offer a wellness sort plan for yearly checkups. To ascertain if you ought to buy a healthiness wellbeing aspca pet insurance strategy, add up yearly exams, vaccines and flea treatments. Or ask your veterinarian’s office for a price list to utilize to calculate your yearly veterinary costs. Then it is possible to evaluate this using the yearly premium. The majority of pet insurance businesses will only cover expenditures associated to accidents or sickness. This serves to keep premiums low and can provide you with monetary peace of mind should an unexpected catastrophe occur. And beware that some plans have breed particular illness.

Like any other insurance policy, 1 of the finest factors why many folks would think about possessing insurance coverage for their domestic pets is to recover from your eventual loss of their pets, either from death or theft. Obviously, how significantly the insurance can provide them depends largely within the pet insurance coverage quote and insurance plan protection that they have signed up for. Most of the time, people think of signing up for wellness insurance coverage to ensure that they get the best health insurance plan insurance coverage. Their pets can really benefit additional from this particularly during the times when their pets would get sick or need the best pet insurance healthcare attention.

Specific varieties of insurance coverage offer extra advantages for his or her pets, sometimes they appear inside the type of pampering. Some also consider the type of VIP insurance coverage wherein the animal may also get special burial in time of its death. These must be the primary good reasons why pet owners think about obtaining insurance plan for their preferred animals. Other people may possibly have other good reasons for getting a policy, but one of the most significant point is the fact that pets can gain much from the insurance coverage exposure they are receiving.

What are the Advantages of Utilizing Bird House Kits

Bird house kits are good for individuals who love birds and nature. They’ll look perfect for your garden and make it look more vibrant. Bird house kits are wood components or set ups making up a bird house. You may feed birds in them also. In case you are fond of crafts and are a creative person, then it is enjoyable to try out these kits. It is extremely easy and will be an ideal Sunday afternoon activity for you and your own children. You don’t even want directions, they are so easy to construct.

Some great benefits of a bird house kit in your backyard: Invite Birds: More birds would more likely visit your backyard when you’ve got bird houses in them. Their tweeting uplifts spirits and you may be a step closer to nature. Young children will love to see birds going to them everyday and will get pleasure from feeding them. Birds may keep going to your backyard if they’re comfy in the house and are fed well.

Inventive Exercise: The kit is principally like a clean slate. The craftsman in you has to turn it into a nice habitat for birds. These make for magnificent gifts as well. Bird house kits are perfect items specifically for environment caring folks, you could even offer them as Christmas gifts. There are bird houses out there in the market. Nonetheless, believe me when I inform you that its amusing to construct bird houses yourself using these kits. Nothing may match up to to the fulfillment of having the ability to construct your very own bird house. And it will satisfy you much more when glad birds sing for you each day!

A variety of Bird kits There are numerous kits which you can get. Several of them are even bird specific and you may select the one that is your preference. Birds kits have instruction manuals, planks with openings drilled to fix them with screws, set of nails and so on. This can make your assembly quick and convenient. Principally these kits are made from greater quality timber just like cedar that’s long lasting and can cope with all weathers.

You may construct bird homes based on the birds you want to draw. You will find small wren kits which can be great for little birds which are found all over. If you want to see Chickadees in your lawn, you may design your bird home for that reason. Chickadees are attractive birds and sing melodious songs. They even collect grains out of your hand if you feed them.

The very best part is to paint the house once complete. You may go for whatever colors you want to for the bird house. Birds are attracted to colorful as well as fancy homes. A good-looking bird house may assist to beautify your very own backyard.

Kids & Bird kits: Even kids can make bird houses using bird kits. It is a great learning activity for them and teaches them to look after the environment. You may have to encourage a few kids to team up together and create a bird house as you supervise over them. They learn to work in a team and it stimulates their artistic side. It’s a great holiday exercise. Even for parents and grand parents, its a great way of spending time together with their own children. Bird house kits are an incredible approach to enhance your very own garden. Assembling them generally is a great enjoyable household activity. You will love the presence of birds in them every morning. It’s charming and heavenly to hear the beautiful sounds of birds each morning.

At you will find products, information, and resources on bird house kits, wood birdhouse kits,and large bird house kits.

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